Kiss Kiss

kiss blouse c/o // leather jacket c/o // jeans // clutch c/o // perfect heels // bracelet

I’ve found my Valentine’s day outfit and a new obsession with West Wing. You wouldn’t guess I was raised by parents who didn’t believe in TV, or maybe you would, and my easy obsession with political dramas is simply making up for lost time.

Also, some days it blows my mind that so many of you show up here. Lots of bloggers spout a nice little tale about how numbers don’t matter but lets be serious, I don’t spend hours behind this computer screen completely for my own enjoyment. I like it, I really do. But I also like you, lots.

Moving on, I’ve concluded I should probably just write all my blog posts late at night, after Ben is fast asleep. They’d be far less organized and potentially more insightful. Or maybe I’d just get tired and ramble incessantly. Either way, if you have a particular ramble request, let me know.

Back to my Valentine’s day outfit. I’ve been eying this blouse for almost a year now and its finally made its way into my closet. The print is fun, flirty, and while bold, I think we could get it to go with just about anything. Leather tones down the girly print and the clutch and heels adds a hint of sophistication (maybe?). Speaking of clutches, why am I just jumping on the bandwagon? I don’t like not being able to toss it over my shoulder but I love how it limits what I can carry around and forces me to stick with the essentials(I am notorious for overpacking even my purse) .

And I love the blouse, but no, this will not be my Valentine’s ensemble.

P.S. Thank you for your kind words on yesterday’s post. Every once in awhile I find myself wishing I had more – a new purse, more stamps in my passport, higher amounts of discipline. But then I reflect (in the middle of the night, mind you) as I read your comments on my last post. Not only am I beyond blessed (read: spoiled) materially by successful parents and a hardworking husband, even if I didn’t have any of it -the beautiful car, the nine foot ceiling apartment, or the new Nine West heels, I would have more than enough to keep me happy for a few lifetimes. Knowing my God who listens to me and cares about me, having a husband who loves me and is more wonderful than I’d dreamed, and having a full life of opportunities that are mine for the taking. Its enough to make a girl cry…or grin, one of the two.  
and finally, four episodes of West Wing later… goodnight. 


  1. Love this! I am so jealous of how you can cuff your pants AND wear heels! Someday I will put the money into jeans long enough to do that for me šŸ™‚

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