Its Official

We sold our contract – and we’re MOVING! 
We’re moving a whole four blocks. 
But those four blocks happen to be ones I walk twice a day, and will no longer have to. 
We will also have a dishwasher,
and be 15 steps from the campus gym. 
We are excited. If you couldn’t tell. Ben might be considering all the boxes he’ll have to carry in this picture. 
Oh and the best part?
Our soul mates are moving too. 
Carly and Ryan live downstairs from us right now, and moving without them was out of the question. 
They’ll leave us for the summer, but come September, we’ll be back to our shenanigans. 


  1. Congratulations! Moving can be so exciting!!!!


  2. Love you and am so happy for you!!! Are you going to be traveling to nh anytime this summer? Let me know when you want me to guest post! Ps- I designed a new, prettier button so you should check out my page and change yours to the pretty one. Love you!!!

  3. Hey, if you're going to be by the campus gym you won't be too far from where I'm living. Let me know when you move so I can help out!

  4. Exciting! LOL at his face in the bottom photo though! He does look worried!

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