Dressing Up in Comfort

The price of going to NYC is that my plane landed at 10pm and I have a midterm this morning at 7:30 sharp. It’s for my very last religion credit (yes, at BYU we take religion classes and I love them despite grossly early make-up exams). 
I lived in blazers last week in the city for competition but I’m also loving a more casual take on the classic look. This gray number is made of a much softer, almost sweatshirt-like material and it gives the impression of being a little dressed up without sacrificing comfort. 
Jacket: Papaya// Blouse: Jones New York// Belt: GAP// Jeans: AE// Bracelets: gifted
photocredit: KNW (did you see the amazing deal she is offering here?)

Today I want you to meet Lindsay – your style expert. She blogs at Peace Love Sequins and her personal style and trends she is loving. Sometimes you get a peek into her inner brain or some outfit inspiration. I loved her piece on the difference between marketing, advertising, and public relations. You can learn more about her here and here– so go get your style fix while I”m jumping back into real life today!


  1. love your blazer.
    and your hair looks so good.
    also, glad your back.

    good luck today.


  2. that blazer looks sooo good on you!
    is it really from papaya? as in the kinda f21-ish store? it looks amazing!! and of course, you look gorgeous as always šŸ™‚

    The DayLee Journal

  3. I love the jeans! & eww for early make up midterms!

  4. Your jumping pics always crack me up. Youz gotz skillz! Love your blazar btw.

  5. What an adorable outfit on you! You look like a professor šŸ™‚

  6. OK Elisabeth we need to talk. You devious little crafty thing. I seriously have been looking for what I call an "airplane blazer" (so you can look ok on an airplane without sacrificing comfort) for YEARS now and I have NO IDEA where to find a nice, well-fitting, relatively cheap one. suggestions???? I'm dying!

  7. Also hope your religion exam went well. Sorry your prof freaked you out unnecessarily. When you told us your dad was calling, I literally pictured Lynch on the other end (and I guess my imagination was fairly accurate :P)

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