If You Really Knew Me

If you really knew me you’d know….
I only like peanut butter on toast or with oreos.
A dessert is not a dessert unless it has chocolate. 
I haven’t legally changed my last name since I got married. Still working on that. 
I have a goal to speak five languages. I’ve studied Japanese, Italian, German and French (but have lots more work to do). 
I love memorizing and reciting poetry. (thanks Dad)
My favorite colors to wear are teal and black (not together). 
I have a deathly (and irrational yet justified) fear of crows. 
I believe in hugs. Lots of them.
All important decisions are made with God (along with lots of little ones). 
I love getting up early, but don’t often have the motivation to do it. 
There is something about a beach on a cloudy day or a misty morning.
I believe in dressing up on test days. 

I have over 20 journals pre college and over 200 typed journal pages since. Rereading journal entries is a favorite activity of mine. 
I love going to the theater almost as much as I love belting out show tunes in the car (Wicked anyone?). 
I have a separate stomach for ice cream. 
I lived in Tokyo until I was 11. 
I love to sleep under a down comforter 12 months of the year. 
I didn’t call New England home until I moved to Utah for college and now I miss it on a daily basis. 
Ben and I dated one month before we started toying with the idea of marriage.
I believe God is a god of happiness. 
I believe in saying “I love you,” often, and to lots of people. I believe you can find something to love in anyone and that everyone needs to be reminded of their worth. 
There are select rap songs I can still sing every word to. 
Sharing a bathroom with my little sisters is one of my favorite things about going home (if you’ve never shared a bathroom with sisters, you have no idea of the fun you are missing out on). 

I’d rather eat my moms food than anything at a restaurant. 
I pretend I’m allergic to kiwi. 
I have an obsession with thin stemmed glasses. 
I hate hand washing cups. I cannot think of anything around the house I despise more. 
The most caffeine I’ve ever had is what’s in a bar of chocolate. 
I eat cereal willingly for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late night snacks on a regular basis.
I make the worlds best chocolate chip cookie (and I’ve baked them over 500 times, easy). There was a period in the seventh grade where I made them twice a week, without fail. 
I use the term “best friend” too liberally – but how do you pick just one when they’re all so wonderful? (or when they were at one point your “best friend” – you can’t downgrade!) 


  1. ao many I want to comment on!! peanut butter and oreos – yum!! That is so cool you lived in Tokyo! and a pretend allergy to kiwis? that is too funny!

  2. AMEN.
    Dessert is NOT dessert if chocolate isn't involved. AMEN. haha.


  3. You are cute! And I think that if I lived in Utah we would totally be "best friends" šŸ˜‰ PS I have all of my rock climbing stuff in EXCEPT my shoes!… yes all of it is pink.

  4. I have a separate stomach for ice cream, too.

    Whats your favorite flavor? Mine is all of them.

  5. Just from this blog I knew:

    -thin stemmed glasses
    -caffeine only from chocolate
    -you dress up on test days
    -you lived in Tokyo growing up
    -you're obsessed with chocolate
    -your big decisions (and little ones) are made with God's guidance

    From ASP I knew:

    -you studied German. If you count English, that's 5 languages already (not fluency, sure, but it's a good start!)

    I know English, German, and a little French, Dutch, and Hungarian (in that descending order-Hungarian is really just select phrases like "I love you" and "very good soup", not the actual language. Just what you need to know to make a Hungarian grandmother beam with joy.)

    But I learned a lot from this list! The most interesting is your journals! So cool. That's phenomenal. Also, PUH-LEASE tell me what rap songs you can sing. I love rap music : hehehe

  6. I have a goal to get up early every morning. And it rarely happens. It's just so hard!!

  7. Ahhhh! We are alike in so many ways! Seriously. I love making chocolate chip cookies, dessert is not dessert without chocolate, the most caffeine I have ever had is in a bar of chocolate, and pretty much everything on here except for the coolness you have with the languages and living situation, and wow, that is a lot of journaling! Excellent post!

  8. I love thin stemmed glasses and peanut butter on Oreos. Yum!

  9. I had no idea about the chocolate chip cookies! Why have you never made them for me??

  10. i love this! fun to get to know you better. we need to do another blogger lunch šŸ™‚

  11. I loved reading this and getting to know you better, now I wish we could be real life friends. I'm surprised you haven't changed your last name, I changed mine on our marriage license (though I didn't get my new social/drivers license for like 8 months).

    And I want your chocolate chip cookie recipe now, I'm in a constant search for the best.


  12. Aww totally agree about sharing the bathroom with a sister. Made me miss mine…

  13. I LOVE Wicked!! I'm trying start a drama club at my school and would love to do the musical….if that doesn't happen then our ASB has decided to use Wicked as the theme for its Fall Renaissance Rally

  14. I absolutely love this list. Where in New England are you from? I also agree with the "you can't downgrade them" mentality of best friends.

    Ditto on the rap songs, and the car belting.

    Also, sharing a bathroom you say? That might only be in your house…

  15. Mmmmm, peanut butter! I haven't had that in the longest time. :O

    Also, when I was reading this list, I totally misread your fear of crows as a fear of COWS, and was like "Uh…well that's a little odd, but ok…" šŸ˜›

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