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In the early morning hours yesterday while our house guests were still sleeping and my baby was very much awake, we played quietly in his room as I reminisced about these last six months of motherhood. SIX MONTHS!

They were right when they said it would be the most trying and the most rewarding. They were right when you said your capacity for love (and service and patience and selflessness and sleep deprivation) would grow larger than you thought possible. They were also totally right when they rebutted any of my complaints about pregnancy with “oh just wait, this is nothing.” Looking back, I wish I’d done a little more ‘soaking up’ and a little less ‘woe is me’ those last months because I had no idea what I was in for. Those first few nights with Lincoln I wish I would have asked for a bit more help. And overall, I wish I’d taken a whole lot more video.

Good thing I’ll get to do it all over again at some point 😉
Its fun to think what has changed since those early weeks six months ago. Happy doesn’t just mean staring wide eyed at the world – now it means giggles and shouts. We also get quite a bit more sleep at night (although I still try and sneak a nap during his first one between 8 and 9. These days Linc is great at getting himself back to sleep if he wakes up in the night. Now that we are sleeping more than three hours at a time though, I’m back to my poor sleeping practices. While the baby can go right back to sleep, I’ve been struggling (and then I’m exhausted the next day and so I take naps which probably doesn’t help me sleep better at night…?). If its really bad I end up on instagram for wayy too long.  I just started on EaZZZe The Pain!™ nighttime sleep aid from healthy mama® I picked up at Target …..and while I’m not pregnant, I love that its something I can continue to use when I am.
 (and mostly I love it because having never had a regular period, I only knew I was pregnant last time when I started throwing up around 8 weeks, and I was SO worried about what I’d taken/eaten in those early weeks that might have hurt the baby#neveragain)
Healthy mama®is a brand I’m really excited about because HELLO – WHY DIDN’T I HAVE THESE 12 MONTHS AGO? Their whole line is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers (which was something I stressed about quite a bit) and I will definitely be using many of their products next time around. I can’t speak for the nausea drops + other pregnancy remedies but I’m sending off a package to a friend who is in the thick of it so I’ll keep you posted. I do love the sleep aid and the calming herbal tea plus there’s a protein drink (caffeine free) that helps keep your energy up – I’m imagining how useful it would have been after those long nights of many feeds.


  1. Anonymous says:

    trying to get pregnant with an irregular period is just really the worst. im always taking a test every few days, just to be sure, so i can go about eating and doing whatever i want. i totally get it.

    1. Right? Anytime I have any tiny bit of nausea I think I need to buy pregnancy tests. I haven't let myself but it has made me generally more aware of what I'm putting in my body so maybe its not so bad.

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