I Never Wanted to Get Married

I never wanted to get married, apparently. 
I write in a journal a lot. 
Early January 2011: 
This first excerpt was on a Sunday after I’d seen him at church. 
“Why is he so nice? at this point I like him – I’m not sure what that means and pretty sure that I dont think we’ll date because I have issues and can’t commit to dating a single person but iI like him – talking to him makes me happy.”
Typical Elisabeth for you there.
This next clip is from when he took me to see Harry Potter,
just a week or two later.  
“At one point while he had his arm around me I started freaking out – like really freaking out. I was hyper ventilating/ just breathing really heavy as I thought about what it all meant: that maybe he would think this meant I like him and then he would think we should be dating and then he’d want to marry me or something ridiculous like that.  I had to calm myself down and remind me that all that was happening was that his arm was around me on a date.”
Not even seven months after that….. 

Thanks for indulging me, hopefully you found that at least half as entertaining as I did – but then again I got to read the whole thing 😛 


  1. Love it! So cute. Y'all are such an adorable couple!

  2. This is too adorable for words! I found some notes a few months back that Dev and I wrote to each other. It's so funny looking back!

  3. 7 months later……LOVE it!!! When it's right, it's right!!

  4. LOL, I love it. It happens to the best of us. I didn't even really want a relationship when I met Mike, then 6 months later we were married. Oops? HAhaha

  5. Ohmystars! That's adorable!! So glad that you're happily married now, Elisabeth! 🙂

    My best friend swore when she was eighteen that she was going to go on a mission and not date until after she returned. Just before her nineteenth birthday, she met a newly returned missionary, and they were married about three months later. Insane! Maybe I should be all non-committed and swear off dating. 😀

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. I love this! I didn't want to get married for a long time either. Now I can't imagine not having married Tim!

  7. You guys are too cute! Is it weird to tell you that you and your hubby were in my dream last night? You guys were trying to get my husband and I to come on a road trip to California! haha

  8. This cracks me up. I love it. He must've really been the right one to make you do a 180 so quickly! =)

  9. so cute. I totally did the "I hope he doesn't think too much arm around me thing too" with my now hubby haha. But really Harry Potter, clearly he was a keeper. It was great seeing you again this week!

  10. This story seriously made me smile:) I gave up on dating and shortly after that, my now boyfriend starting talking to me! I think the moment we decide to swear off guys is often the moment we realize what we really want in a relationship. Thanks for sharing!:)


  11. So so funny! I love that you caught these feelings in your journal entries because it is so fun to look back and read the funny things that we think–especially when things play out just the way we were NOT expecting them to!

  12. Thhis is super sweet! I wish I would have kept a journal while I was dating my husband 🙂

  13. Hey there Elisabeth! I've been browsing around your fun blog and I LOVE this post! I swore I would NEVER get engaged to someone that I only dated for a few months… I met my husband in August and we were engaged by Christmas! Love is crazy 🙂 It was fun meeting/getting to know you at our Blogger Dinner 🙂

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