I love to see the temple

We drive by the place where Ben and I became a family a couple times a month but we don’t often make time to stop and walk about the beautiful temple grounds. Recently I drove the kids over for a little children’s event our congregation had where the kids could learn more about the temple. I told them all about marrying their dad here and how happy it made me. I told them how I hope someday they’ll get married here, too, because the temple brings joy and peace to my life.

The best part of the day were their little anectodes about the events. I sure do love these two.

Lincoln // How was the temple?

“I got a cupcake!” (the most important parts of the day first, obviously)

How did you feel in the temple?

“I felt a little bit sad when you left. And then I felt happy…..and we felt the HOLY SPIRIT!”

Adelaide // Where are we?

“The Temple! This where Mommy and Daddy were MARRIED!”

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