I find solutions to my first world problems at Walmart: Unlimited Plans

*I’m feeling lucky to be part of Collective Bias and participate in this social shoppers insights study for their client. This post has been compensated.

If you’ve read this blog for more than 5 minutes you probably know I just moved from Utah to Ohio last month. We love Ben’s job, we love our apartment, we love our new friends, the pool, and the trees. The only thing we can’t stand (besides our ethnic neighbors that make the hallway reek), the terrible cell service. The first week I cannot even remember how many calls I dropped from my apaprtment trying to call friends back in Utah and family back East. There was one particular time where I had to call Carly back four times in one conversation before we gave up and moved to skype. #unacceptable

I began looking into other phone plans and started nudging Ben toward Verizon (its what I’d had in high school) but looking into prices for data plans nearly gave me a heart attack. I wanted good phone service, but there are a million other things I wanted to spend that extra $50 a month they were going to charge me for it.

In steps Family Mobile at Walmart. Here are a few of the features that I love:

  • unlimited talk (because I have unlimited questions I need to ask my mom on a daily basis) 
  • unlimited text (because me and those two cute girls pictured need to text all day long)
  • and unlimited web (because i’m directionally challenged and need my google maps)
  • new 4G coverage IN MY APARTMENT (say hello to no more dropped calls)
  • $40 a month. (I basically feel like they’re paying me) 
  • $40 a month (that needed to be on here twice)
for more information on plans click here

I’ll let you know how it goes – but my wallet is already thanking me (or maybe my wardrobe is, with all the extra clothes we can now afford to buy ;). 

And so now, even when I can’t be home with them, we can still laugh, talk, and snapchat all day long 🙂 #lovethem #FamilyMobileSaves

P.S. here are a few pictures of the whole “new phone shopping” experience 🙂 


  1. Can you use it for a phone you already have or do you have to get one of their phones?

  2. Is it really good like this? my hubby and I will have to check this out because our current plan is insane. Like over 200 for us both. Ouch

  3. Welcome to Ohio. I am a new blogger who also happens to live in Ohio. Stop by charminglucy.com and I can help you find fun things to do in your new home state! Blessings! Susan

  4. Wow! That sounds amazing. How much did you have to pay for your phones? And does the $40 cover both lines, or just one?

  5. Wow! That sounds amazing. How much did you have to pay for your phones? And does the $40 cover both lines, or just one?

  6. Nothing worse than having bad cell service when you're in a new place and want to be able to connect with your old life- good luck!!

  7. My younger sister lives on the other side of the country and while it can be tough for us to find time in our schedules to connect, we don't have time to deal with dropped calls and poor service. I love the idea of saving on my family' service! Thanks so much for sharing your discovery 🙂

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