How to Spend a Perfect Saturday Morning

That internal debate when all you want to do in the moment is stay curled up under the covers, but you know you’ll be so much happier in a few hours if you get up right now and start your day. Am I the only one? 
My house guest from yesterday’s post arrived at 9:20 pm to Salt Lake City.
After a late night of partying, we collapsed into bed.
Kate started her day off with a 45 minute run (while I was still fast asleep). 
And then we headed over to Shirley’s Bakery. 
Its the cutest little place nestled just a block behind my apartment I discovered recently.
If you live in Provo, be sure go to.
And when you do, get their walnut cinnamon twists. 
A fabulous thing to wake up to. 
What is your perfect Saturday morning?

This little bakery was made for Kate’s visit. 
The last time we had pastries for breakfast together was the boulangerie across the street from out third floor hotel room in Paris. It wasn’t quite a nutella croissant, but I’ll take it. 


  1. Perfect Sat. morning is one where I don't have to be anywhere, and can enjoy a leisurely cuppa coffee with my man, lounging in my jammies.

  2. Fun! šŸ˜€
    But…who are these types of people who go for 45 minute runs early in the morning!? I have never done that in my life, lol! šŸ˜›

  3. Perfect Saturday? No work, boyfriend no work, no cleaning, no errands, and donuts. Lol. Looks like you had fun!!

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