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Nashville Hotel Life Pt 1

Last weeks hotel living in Nashville was a little bit different than anticipated. I imagined beautiful afternoons strolling city streets, discovering local gems, and enjoying long lunches in outdoor cafes. But the temperature was in the high nineties. And Lincoln dislikes the heat almost as much as his mother. And so we saved the adventuring for the evenings when it had cooled off a bit (and when we found indoor destinations mostly), and spent quite a bit more time in the hotel. 
And it turns out, Lincoln didn’t mind one bit. The Drury where we stayed had this great indoor/outdoor pool and this little one is quite the fish. 

^that little smirk though 😀 // “I am totally aware that I run this show” 


  1. If there is anything cuter than a baby in a wet suit, I have yet to see it!

  2. I'm about to head to Nashville (on Monday!) to do some exploring! Did you find any cool places to visit? I'd love to hear of where you went, because I've never been there before!!

    Dressing Dallas

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