Inaugural Hot Chocolate


It might not feel quite like November yet (with highs of sixty!) but that didn’t stop us from breaking out the hot chocolate for our inaugural drink of the season. Mostly, we were looking for any excuse to be outside after a solid twelve hours of driving home from New Hampshire yesterday but everything is better with hot chocolate. And whipped cream. Or in  Lincoln’s case, only whipped cream.

Last year we took our favorite Stanley-PMI products down to the lake filled with milkshakes (the bottles, not the lake) and they worked just well this time around with hot chocolate. It was little Lincoln’s first time trying hot chocolate and he seemed to be a bigger fan of the whipped cream (you can put the whole can straight into a large thermos and it will stay cool for 32 hours) Growing up we used to boil water for hot chocolate while camping and it was always a welcomed treat. Now though, I can’t go back to water based hot chocolate so I love whisking the milk and hot chocolate powder together on the stove and then pouring it into a thermos to take on the go.

It’s quite a step up from the drinks we had camping back when we were engaged and spending all of our weekends rock climbing in Utah. I should have gotten Ben one of these for that very first Christmas and I wouldn’t have had to wait four years to enjoy it 😉 If you have any of the outdoors lovers on your list this year, these would be perfect.

A few more pictures from this afternoon because I couldn’t narrow it down:

fall-hot-chocolate-with-stanley-2154 fall-hot-chocolate-with-stanley-2161

^For reference, I’m using the Happy Hour System here and the bottle gets quite hot when you pour hot liquid into it. Something like our vacuum thermos would have worked better if we needed to keep this hot for a long time (although it did feel good on my cold hands to hold outside!)

^His first sip of hot chocolatefall-hot-chocolate-with-stanley-2181

^That face!

fall-hot-chocolate-with-stanley-2199fall-hot-chocolate-with-stanley-2188 fall-hot-chocolate-with-stanley-2189 ^cheers!
fall-hot-chocolate-with-stanley-2196 ^We gave him a cup of straight whipped cream afterward and he couldn’t get enough

fall-hot-chocolate-with-stanley-2230 fall-hot-chocolate-with-stanley-2217 fall-hot-chocolate-with-stanley-2222 fall-hot-chocolate-with-stanley-2223 ^drink up! (he’s trying to get to the whipped cream)


P.S. Mom Tip: I also totally use my vacuum insulated thermos when I need to bring warm water for Adelaide’s bottle and we’re going to be out for a few hours. It stays the right temperature all day long and I don’t have to worry about finding a place to heat anything up.


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