Home Sweet Home

I’m home!

I haven’t been in New Hampshire since last Christmas. I was dying (and by dying I mean the occasional breakdown complete with tears). I was struggling with the idea of not being at home at all over the holidays (we’re spending Christmas with Ben’s parents in California) and so a little last minute we bought a ticket for this weekend. I didn’t tell my two little sisters I was coming home (SO hard to keep it to myself!) and I LOVED surprising them. Nicole did a double take and Maddie thought my voice was in her dream šŸ˜›

So this weekend is full of family, giggles, sleepovers, christmas parties, games, cookies, and lots and lots of love šŸ™‚

I’ll be back with lots of pictures and lots of stories ….but for now I give you…

The Earnshaw girls at our finest:

What’s the longest you’ve been away from home?

What’s your favorite part of coming home? 


  1. yay! congratulations on being home! i know what that feels like. the longest i was away from home was from january to june when i lived in england. most days i was just fine, but those few days i got REALLY home sick, i got REALLY home sick! and when i finally got back, i was reminded of how much i missed being able to drive around in my own car. i had gotten so used to walking/train/buses i had to remind myself that i didn't have to walk everywhere i needed to go, lol.

  2. Fun!! I'm happy you're home! My sisters are coming down soon for Christmas and I can't wait!! šŸ™‚

  3. Its so wonderful that you got to go back home for the holiday! We are from NJ and moved down to Eastern Shore, MD 6 years ago! I havent bee home since Thanksgiving last year! Yes, I miss it, but I have my family here, and my mom and sister are coming up from VA Saturday to spend the weekend! Enjoy your family Elisabeth!

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