Home Stretch

Thanksgiving break is a wonderful thing (we should probably have one winter semester too). It comes right when you’re about to drown in school work and lets you recharge to go in and dominate finals. It was great to spend time with family and friends – my break had a rather eventful end on Sunday when I got in a small accident on the way back from Midway (I may just never drive in the snow again) – but thank goodness for wonderful friends and parents who take care of me.  It reminded me too much of that Christmas Eve that made me not want to ever get in a car again. It also reminds me of the story of Corrie ten Boom – who thanked God for the lice while living in a concentration camp (you should go read the book). But hey, things could have been much much worse so I guess I can even be thankful for car accidents.
The things standing between me and home: 
-5 days of classes
-2 papers
My goals between now and Christmas: not a comprehensive list
-serve someone everyday 
– not waste time
– over analyze everything less ( I would just stay stop over analyzing things – but lets be serious, that won’t ever happen)
– go to bed by 11 on school nights (my roommates are so fun that is NEVER happens – fail.)
– not take things personally when they aren’t meant that way ( I tend to do this all the time)
– listen more than I talk

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