Holiday Road Trip Essentials

Eek! I sent my baby off across the country yesterday and it was harder than I thought! I’ve been counting down to these two child-free days for weeks and now that they’re here, all I want to do is tickle and snuggle that cute little boy. Then I remind myself that two days without mom sure beats twelve hours in a car with me and that he’s having way more fun with adoring aunts and grandparents than he would be listening to my legal thriller audiobooks.

But anyway, I’m making the twelve hour drive to New Hampshire alone this year (so Ben can fly out closer to the holiday and we can still have a car to use over break) and have put together a few road trip essentials if you happen to be traveling by car this season too.

What I’m Bringing:

  • Snacks: I’ve picked up a few granola bars, my favorite chocolate covered almonds, and a few great flavors of gum. Usually I also have a ton of candy options but I’ve gotta save room for all of the holiday cookies I’m driving home to šŸ˜‰ We also love carrots + wheat thins with hummus for road trips but they’re much easier to eat when you someone in the passengers seat to get everything ready to eat. 
  • Water + Gatorade: I know the importance of staying hydrated, but it kills me to stop to go to the bathroom when I don’t need to stop to get gas, so I generally keep drinking down a bit. 
  • Lotion: In the winter my skin is super dry anyway, but the getting in and out of the car with traveling makes it worse so I’ve packed my Vaseline Intensiev Care Advanced Repair Lotion. I’ve been using it almost exclusively for about a year now because its my all time favorite body lotion (and I use it as a hand lotion as well). It saved me in the last weeks of pregnancy last year and because the lotion has micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly, it deeply moisturizes to heal dry skin (and is clinicalliy proven to heal very dry skin in 5 days). _. 
  • Audiobooks: These really help me pass the time on long drives. I used for audiobooks for about a year and then discovered which is free with a library card. Currently though, the audiobooks I’m still waiting for some books through overdrive so I just went to the library earlier this week and got the physical books on CD. Usually I work my way through a new John Grisham but I couldn’t find any I hadn’t read so I picked up a few Lisa Scottoline books (and I may have already started one of them!). 
  • Energizing Music: For the afternoon slump when the audiobooks just aren’t cutting it I have a driving mix (that I haven’t updated since 2012) with some ‘feel-good’ upbeat tunes including plenty off of the Parent Trap soundtrack (best movie soundtrack). 
  • Overnight Bag: I’m breaking up my trip into two days so instead of hauling all my stuff in on the first night, I have a small bag packed with just the essentials so everything else can stay neatly stowed. 
  • A clean car: Before Lincoln my car was always SO clean …and not it is a nightmare. I’ve taken the time to go through and remove the cheerios + extra diapers (unused), so we’re at least starting the trip with a clean slate. 

top image source: unknown 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Vaseline. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I didn't know you drove a bug. I love those cars…and it's even red. How cute. And how sweet of you to drive 12 hours to NH with presents on top of your car!! Wow, you did a TON of shopping this year. Your backseat is FULL of presents…no wonder you had to latch some on top. I can see why Lincoln couldn't go with you on the trip…or did he? Where on earth did he fit?? I love NH. Lived there before. How sweet and generous you are, seriously. Merry Christmas.

    1. haha – if by sweet you mean incredibly impractical, then yes it would have been šŸ™‚ as indicated, the top image isn't mine, but I do love a cute red bug.

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