Here’s the Scoop: My Truly Ulnlimited Wireless Plan

Remember how I told you last month that I was switching to the Walmart Family Plan as part of a  sponsorship with Collective Bias in this post? Remember how I was in a desperate search to find something affordable that would let me keep up with my friends and family now that we moved to Ohio? Remember how I wanted an unlimited plan so I could snapchat, call, and text all day long? Well, I’m hear to give a full report šŸ™‚

I went from using an iphone4 to the LG  L9 with Walmart’s Family Mobile. Confession, I always struggle getting used to a new phone. I knew my iphone inside and out so I was grateful that the LG had a similar interface. A few weeks into using it, I am navigating it a lot faster and have found a few things I like even more than my iphone. First off, the screen size is AWESOME! Browsing through instagram on this baby is great because the pictures are so much bigger! Second, it doesn’t leave apps open and running like my iphone did! Third, not everything is controlled by that one center button (sorry iphone, win for the android).

I’m not fully sold on giving up my iphone forever, but I’m getting there.

My favorite though, is the service. It is true, on the roadtrip from Cincinnati to Dallas there were a few places in the middle of nowhere Tennesee and Arkansas that I couldn’t load instagram or check email, but besides that, its been great. I’ve had no dropped calls , no patchy service areas, and great data. The best part is, its all unlimted. I never have guilt about streaming netflix while waiting for Ben in the car or uploading a million pictures while out and about. I can snapchat with my sister as much as I want and I can call my mom every five minutes while baking if I need to (I try not to). Turns out, living in Ohio won’t be so bad after all šŸ˜‰

Verdict: Family Mobile is a winner. Give me a month or two and we’ll have Ben transferred over too šŸ™‚ #FamilyMobileSaves

Bonus: it fits in my vera bradley wristlet where my iphone use to go.

P.S. Find more information here and some pictures form my experience at Walmart here  #cbias


  1. this post is awesome but by far the most awesome part is all the pictures of you smiling as you text on your phone. So classic!

  2. You call your mother while baking, too? Thank goodness for moms and for unlimited service! Sounds like Walmart Family Mobile is a great fit for you and staying connected, especially after a big move – that's priceless! Thanks so much for sharing your story.

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