Hearts on Hearts

Blouse: c/o here (although it looks just like this burberry top!) // Belt // Jeans // Necklace c/o // Earrings c/o// Bracelet c/o // Boots: thrifted
I’m back from a full night of chocolate covered oreos and crafts. As I spend more time with these mom friends (the term for my friends in Cincy with kids, which is like 99% of them), I realize how much I don’t know. Latest studies on vaccinations? nope. The age at which to potty train your child? nope. Did you even know there were different methods for “sleep training?” I guess its a wonderful thing that when the time comes babies take nine months to grow, because apparently there is lots and lots to learn. In the time it took me to make another one of these wreaths, I learned more about babies than I did in four years of college. 
Anyway, these pictures were snapped earlier today, while out with my one non-married, non-mothering friend, with whom conversation still revolves around boys and school and shopping. After I saw this burberry top on pinterest, I’ve been on the lookout for a similar (and much cheaper) option. I was excited when I found it on Sheinside’s site last month for 1/30 of the price. I love it with a pencil skirt and heels, but it dresses down with jeans just as well. I added some new jewelry pieces that I have been loving like this gorgeous pearl necklace from Demoiselle Jewels. I am all about bargains, but I also like to have a few quality pieces – you know, the ones that make you feel like a million dollars? If there’s anyone on your Christmas list who loves a little glam, check out their holiday collection – stunning right? 
And now I’m off to bed – I can’t believe that its almost the weekend , which means its almost thanksgiving, which means we are just weeks away from Christmas! Yes, I did clean my house while singing along to the Amy Grant Holiday station on Pandora today, and I loved it (the christmas part, and the having a clean house part, not the actual cleaning). Goodnight! 
P.S. There is more coming on the neat company that sent me the barbed wire bracelet from this post, but if you want to check them out early, be sure to read their mission statement


  1. Love that shirt! It does look like the Burberry one! I might have to get one of those (the one from She Inside of course – LOL!)

    I can't wait to read more about the company where you got the barbed bracelet. Such a great cause!

  2. Anonymous says:

    where is your bag from?

  3. Your shirt is so adorable, and you look very joyful in these photos!

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