Happy Lists

Sometimes, even when life is great, it isn’t. Sometimes the smallest little things can set me off. Tonight it was coming home to a messy house (note: more than half the mess was mine). It wasn’t even frustration with Ben, just frustration. And so, at times like this, I need a happy list. And because also at times like this I am totally uninspired to blog – I’m sharing that happy list with you.

  1. There is was still a row of mega stuf oreos left when I got home. 
  2. I don’t have class ’till noon on Wednesdays.
  3. One of my midterms this week is take home.
  4. Next month I’ll be in NYC.
  5. And then three weeks later I’ll be in NH, with my family, for one of the happiest days I could ever imagine. Jeez, I’m smiling already. Happy lists are awesome. 
  6. I had a WONDERFUL and validating blogging experience – I can’t wait to share it with you. Think beautiful weddings šŸ™‚ 
  7. Valentine’s is Thursday.  And Ben is my Valentine. 
  8. I have a really big, really supportive family that happen to live all over the country. 
  9. I did ten pull ups yesterday. The goal was ten by March 1st. 
  10. “You’re so great… I think I’ll keep you.” Love him. 
  11. 1000 followers! You guys are awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 
  12. These two pictures.  (and the girls in them. and delivering cookies to them yesterday.)
me and K 
I love Brooke, and her face in this picture.

Well guys, I am officially back to being happy. Oh and I ran into a guy starting at me on campus today. He knew my first and last name, where I was from, who I was friends with freshman year, and that I was married (I had gloves on, he was more than just observant). And I had absolutely no recollection of his name or how I knew him. Turns out we had Japanese freshman year together (3 years ago people). I’m pretty sure we sat by each other and talked everyday. Sensei had to tell us to be quiet on multiple occasions. Whoops. Apparently I have a terrible memory. Don’t take it personally, friend.

How do you make yourself happy when you’re in a funk?
Have you ever run into someone you just can’t place in your memory?
What would make your happy list today?


  1. Such a great happy list! So many beautiful, wonderful things to be grateful for. Also, those pictures are the cutest! Love them!

  2. These even made ME smile!! You know what would make me smile the most, right? šŸ™‚

  3. So many of these things would be on my happy list. Well, I guess just the first two. But still. I would also add the lesson on the Odyssey we just had. Seriously, that brought my spirits up. Is that completely weird? Ok. Yes. Cute pictures!

  4. So many of these things would make my happy list too. Well, I guess just the first two. But still. I would also add the lesson on the Odyssey we just had. That seriously lifted my spirits. Weird? Yes. Oh well. Cute pictures!

  5. you're the cutest. i can't even handle it.

  6. This list is making me smile! Keep doing this more often, will ya? I'm now thinking of happy things in my life and I'm starting to smile, and it's one of the first of the day.

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