happy happy happy :)

ugly sweater contest  – court won šŸ™‚

Today was a wonderful day! ….for lots of reasons and I have concluded that life is fantastic šŸ™‚ (although it will be even more fantastic when my quiz is over, my paper is written, and my finals are aced). Tonight we had a ward Christmas fhe/ ugly sweater party/ bake-off/ gingerbread house decorating contest. It was fabulous. Today was also my littlest sister’s birthday. When in the world did Nicole become 12 years old? I still remember when Coly turned three in Italy – whenever anyone would ask her how old she was she would respond so quickly that no one had any idea what she said, “Iturnedthreeatmysnowwhitebirthdayinbracciano.” All the Italians would all just smile and nod. Nicole is a doll. She is so so sweet and whenever she does something for someone else she doesn’t expect anything back. She’s a lot like me in some ways – we both don’t take criticism very well and hate confrontation. We like things organized (she’s much cleaner than I am) and we like to be in control. She’s also really fun to go out with. When I’m at hone we go shopping or out to ice cream or I just take her in the car when I need to run errands and she’s great company šŸ™‚ She even gave up my room (her room now I guess) for me when I came home for four months this summer. She stretches with me at night and goes running with me in the morning. She snuggles with me during movies and falls asleep on my lap during church. She lets me pick what she wears when she has something important and it makes her day when she gets to borrow my clothes (yes, me, my 12 year old sister and my 13 year old sister all share clothes). It’s so fun to make her happy. I am so excited to watch her grow up – twenty years from now when we have our own family reunions ….it makes me smile just thinking about it. I am so thankful to have such a great sister and I am really really really really excited to see her in 10 days šŸ™‚

Coly, Lizzie, & Maddie šŸ™‚

Other things I am really really really really excited for:
-eating my mother’s cooking on a daily basis (key part: eating dinner as a family around our table in my favorite kitchen)
-going to boston with kate and strolling around the north end after an afternoon of art museums
-having andrew by me any flavor of ice cream I want
-talking to caleb for hours and hours when we should be sleeping
-listening to madison talk even faster than me
-having my dad wake me up (not something I enjoy at home usually – but is it weird that I’m really looking forward to that?) 
p.s. Brooke and I are telepathic. We have officially spent too much time together and understand each other so well its pathetic….and I don’t plan on doing anything about it šŸ™‚

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