Happy Birthday Daddy :)

I just blogged all about Dad for Father’s Day so I’ll just stick to the events of his birthday rather than how wonderful he is šŸ™‚ Birthday’s in my family are all about meals. Of course there are presents and parties but the presents are hardly unique to us and the parties usually happen the weekend after. On your birthday you always get your favorite meal, at every meal. For dad this meant:

June 28
Breakfast of berries and oatmeal with flax seed. He’s on a health craze so the berries were a nice addition to his daily oatmeal (which thankfully he doesn’t make the rest of us eat on a daily basis – don’t get me wrong, oatmeal is great on a cold winter morning… but this far into nice weather I find it a little stifling).

Lunch: We had a seafood feast! Finally back living near an ocean where you can trust the seafood, I was very excited. I had Salmon, probably my second favorite meal in the whole world while my dad ordered crab cakes, tuna, haddock, and lobster for the rest of the table to share. The funniest was our waiter, he was new and full of energy; after the staff sang the traditional happy birthday song, he gave us his personal rendition – HYSTERICAL!

Dinner: That evening everyone was gone; Madison was babysitting; Nicole was at the cape with friends; Caleb was off working or something. So it was just the three Earnshaw adults šŸ˜› My mom and I have been rather obsessed with table settings and center pieces as we’ve been playing around with different options for the tables (we finally picked one earlier this week) – but for dinner I set a table for three outside on the patio and was rather proud of how it turned out:

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