Half Moon Bay + Baby



The baby and I have made it successfully from one coast to the other (and from one set of grandparents to the other) and as much as I loved the beautiful weather in California, it feels pretty great to be cozied up in this New England fall.

a whole lot more of New Hampshire on snapchat this week @elisabethmeg
One of our first days in California we packed up the car and headed to Half Moon Bay, a bit north of where Ben’s parents live. It was a bit windy and so while it didn’t make for a great swimming day, it was the perfect weather for wandering the beach, snuggling up in the tent, and snacking while watching the seagulls. 
Lincoln was a bit terrified of the waves to begin with. Whenever we would get too close, his face would scrunch up and he’d begin to cry. But, by the end of the day he was just as happy down by the water as he was up closer to the rocks and he really loved just sitting on the blanket and playing with these cups we brought along to keep our drinks cold (they keep drinks hot for 30 minutes and iced for 3 hours!). 
Post beach lounging we stopped by Fly Fish for a delicious lunch, right after Lincoln fell asleep in his carseat (#win). Overall I was pleasantly surprised with how fun it was to drag a baby to the beach and I’m excited to share a few of our other coastal outings later in the week 🙂 
P.S. Right before we flew to California, a big box arrived from here and while we brought along the cups, I’m looking forward to using the rest of it when I get back to Ohio! 


  1. Such a fun trip! Our little guy was terrified the first time we took him to the beach and now it's his favorite thing! Watching them explore new surroundings is the best!

  2. Your photos of Half Moon Bay (and your baby) are so beautiful and the light of the sky stunning. As someone that lives a few hours north of there, I too am craving a little more of the crisp Autumn air. It was 98 yesterday. An October where summer really needs to pack it's bags and head south.

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