Guest Post: Dating in the Military

So today I have a lovely guest poster for you all while I’m enjoying the sunny weather of Southern Utah (more details on this much anticipated weekend getaway to come). Jessie is one of my very first blogging friends and I adore her! I love reading her posts about life at West Point and being engaged. I’m sure you’ll love reading about her just as much as I do! When you’re done – be sure to check out my guest post on her blog about the “rough” first months of marriage 🙂 
Hello! My name is Jessie, and I am guest posting for the lovely Elisabth while she is away over the weekend. The original goal of my blog ~Cattleya~ was to keep my family in the loop about my life at the United States Military Academy. Since then, it has turned into my expression board for fashion {Regardless of wearing uniforms every day, I am a shoppaholic! 😉 }, weddings {I am engaged to Brandon}, and life in general.
Today, I’m hoping to give you all a little perspective into the world of military relationships, and how Brandon and I have made it work from the beginning:
I first met Brandon at Prep school, which is a primer school before USMA. We had a class together, and he sat behind me. The first thing that came to mind {And still does!} was that he was the perfect epitome of “Tall, dark, and handsome”.

{Tailgating at Round Pond campground after a football game}

I had graduated high school determined that I was going to go on all kinds of Army-sponsored adventures, all by my single-self. That quickly changed as I started spending more time with Brandon. I realized that adventures were only fun if I was sharing them with someone. Lucky for me, he was the perfect guy to share them with!

Okay, so that’s the introductions. Now the “dating details”: The policy of both Prep school and USMA is that PDA is not allowed on campus.  No holding hands, kissing, etc. However, once you leave campus it is acceptable again. And I have a confession to make; over the past three years of dating, and one year of being engaged, I’ve snuck a few kisses. Who can blame a girl? 😉 As long as no one is around, it’s mostly safe. I’m counting down the days until graduation when showing affection for the love of my life is allowed again!

{Cadet Casual is the uniform we’ve worn for “date nights” since sophomore year.}

Brandon and I try to schedule at least one “date night” per week. It usually falls on a day that he doesn’t have football practice, which is either Monday or Wednesday. The date isn’t anything fancy, we just walk down to the Cadet restaurant, Grant Hall, to grab some sushi, pasta, pizza, or a wrap, and then sit down and talk about random things. Some of Brandon’s buddies have asked him what we have to talk about, because we go to school together and go through the same things every day. I’ve never thought of it like that. It seems to me that it’s easier to have someone with shared experiences so we know exactly what each other is going through and can sympathize.  It’s also a chance to reconnect if we’ve both been really busy.

In the grand scheme of things, these years at school have been pretty easy. It’s the years after when we’re both in the military that I worry about. I get to see Brandon almost every day, and so it will be a big transition when we have to go our separate ways for military training for several months at a time. But I have faith that with our shared experiences over the years, we will be able to get it through it without a problem. 🙂
Thanks again to Elisabeth for letting me share my tale! Be sure to come visit my blog now to read Elisabeth’s story! 🙂 -Jessie

Isn’t she just great?
I love her optimism about the future!
 Be sure to check out my guest post on her blog! 


  1. Love this post. It must be very difficult dating in such an unpredictable environment. Such a great love story!

  2. She looks so great! Cute post!

  3. Kudos to you. I think it's great you're both into the military, that way you'll have someone to understand. 🙂

  4. such a sweet couple:) anyone who can weather the ups and downs of military life is fully equipped to handle a multitude of other marriage challenges! i LOVE her happy outlook, rooted in faith. thank you for sharing Jessie!

  5. love when she says that adventures are for sharing with somebody else! soooo true, i feel the same way now that im married 🙂

  6. They are such a cute couple! And of course they snuck a few kisses in! Teehee! How could you not?!

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