The greatest place on earth – The Hill Cumorah

I LOVE THE HILL CUMORAH. There is something special about the hill. There is a joy and excitement that fills all of me once I can see it from the car, that gets almost to an overwhelming point once I set foot on its grassy bottom. I know a lot of that emotion is tied to the incredible experiences I’ve had at this place, (for a little background) but a lot of it, and a lot of reason for the experiences, is because there is something different about this place. It might have something to do with the incredible history that took place there, of the sacred nature of the work that this place has so much significance in. It is a holy place. It is a place from which the Spirit of the Lord emanates. It is a place of unsurpassable peace. On the hill it is easy to remember what matters; it is easy to put away the stresses of life and appreciate the simple beauty of truth.

What truth?
The truth that there is little more important than family. That there is joy in the family you can’t find in the world. The truth that simple is wonderful. The truth that God lives. That is very simple truth, but on the hill you can just feel it. He lives. He was here, and soon He will be here, again.

My favorite scene of the whole pageant is what we call the descension scene. The whole play consists of ten scenes which portray the stories of The Book of Mormon. The climax of this story of the Lord’s dealings with the early inhabitants of the American continents is when Christ, the Lord himself, appears to this people. In the bible Christ tells the people of Palestine, “other sheep I have have which ware not of this fold, them also must I visit – and there will be one fold, and one shepherd.” These were the people that He was talking about. Regardless of your role in the pageant, you gather with your family to be in the descend scene, when Christ finally comes to visit the Americas. As you kneel on this seven tiered stage, huddled with your loved ones, and watch an actor in a brilliant white robe descend from the sky as the Lord’s own words sound throughout the night, you can’t help but think, “this is what it will be like. ”When it happens, will I be ready? If Christ came tonight, would I recognize Him? There is an undeniable feeling of love and Spirit as this actor comes down, speaks the words of the scriptures, ordains apostles, and blesses little children. The cast feels it; the audience feels it. I guess that scene embodies the simple truth that I love about the hill – that Christ lived and that He still lives. And that His life, can make all the difference in mine.

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