Goals for Today (…and the source of happiness):

I want to be better. We all want to be better I guess, but sometimes I get tired of feeling I”m just getting by, or I’m just going along with life. I wrote last week about living life with intention- this week’s (and maybe this lifetime’s) intention is at constant improvement. 
Things I want to improve:
1. Study habits: I just took midterms and while they were far from disastrous, I spend every day explaining good study strategies to the freshmen I mentor….I should use them. 
2. Moods: I’d like to think I’m not a moody person, and usually I’m pretty good at reminding myself that being upset about something doesn’t help the situation. My theory is that it is what it is, and given whatever reality is, you can choose to be happy or sad, angry or calm, miserable or delighted (its much more enjoyable to be happy, calm, and delighted).
 I once had a friend tell me there was little point to being happy.
 Oh how I disagree.
 God commanded that we “rejoice evermore” and I believe that “happiness is the design of our existence.” Happiness can come from lots of things – I love smiling at the beautiful weather, my husband making dinner for me, a good grade, or a meaningful conversation. I like compliments and mastering dance technique. I laugh at a good joke and enjoy a fresh cookie. But, thankfully, when all the cookies are days old and there’s no one to tell funny jokes, when my pulled muscles wont let me dance and I don’t get compliments on my new shirt, when I am too busy to have good conversations with friends or eat dinner at all and its raining, I still have every reason to smile, to shout for joy for that matter. Whatever my circumstance, whatever trial or struggle or bad hair day I’m going through, God loves me. He loves me and He’s provided a way for me to return and live with Him again. He knows me and He wants to help me come home. He suffered everything so my pathetic attempts at obedience would be enough. He listens and He understands. He’s always there. Does it get any happier than that? 
3. Eating Healthy: Its not that I eat enormous amounts of unhealthy foods, its just that I don’t ever feel like I have time to make something healthy. I also eat way too much late at night because I get home from campus late or we go climbing before I eat dinner and then all I want is cereal or a quick bowl of pasta. New goal – eat more vegetables and less pasta. 
4. Climbing: I haven’t been climbing in over a week…which is really weird because usually we’re there every other night. I love how easy it is to see progression in climbing. Even just two weeks ago I couldn’t climb the same routes I’m almost flashing now. Goal – climb a 11B without taking next week and have climbed three V4s by christmas 🙂 
5. Keeping in touch: This one is simple – write missionaries. 
6. Relationships: I feel a good measure of how I’m doing in the personal aspect of my life is if I’m strengthening or weakening relationships I have. I want to focus on strengthening my relationship with the Lord, my husband, and all members of my familiy (its kind of hard being so far away and all). 
7. Save the world – one starving child at a time….but thats a post for another day. 

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  1. Thank you for the comment on my blog! I love meeting new friends on here! And your blog is adorable! So inspiring! I LOVE IT!! You're so sweet! Thank you!!

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