Geometric Florals // moving update



Just dropping in for a quick hi. Yesterday we finally took the first big set of boxes and packing paper to the recycling plant (which was worth noting because the trash is like 15 steps from our apartment…but our good sense insisted). Everything still looks like it got hit by a tornado but I’m working on that, slowly. I don’t remember unpacking ever being this much of a process and I’m about at the point where I just want to start throwing everything away that I can’t find a place for. We’ll call it a summer cleanse. 
Speaking of summer cleanses, we’ve been trying to diversify what we eat around here. I’ve been on a salmon kick and last night was salmon with red pepper quinoa (the quinoa came from a box, pre-seasoned). It turns out eating new things doesn’t need to be labor intensive or expensive. If you have any tips for easy summer dinners I’m all ears (but really, help me out here – what do you guys eat every night?). 


These pictures are more from the fun shoot with Piper and Scoot while I was in Utah (first set seen here)//

shirt: Piper and Scoot (still available online)
denim: Lucky Brand
jewelry: Piper and Scoot


  1. That shirt is SO cute! I might have to get it:)! I'm glad you are finally starting to feel settled. I feel like we are still stuck in that stage, and we've been here for a month.
    Hope to see you soon!


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