From the mouth of babes

It’s time for another installment in my favorite series of posts. These conversation clips all from from August 2019 – March 2020. Lincoln is 4.5 – 5 years old and Adelaide is 3. 

A few favorite conversations with the kids over the last few months: 


talking about Ben (Dad) in the car

Lincoln: I like the way he looks and I like the way he talks. I like the way he jumps.

Looks like someone else is also a big fan on Benjamin.


Adelaide: When i grow up I will be a mom……and then I can wear your bracelets, and your earrings, and your necklaces, and your high heels.

The main perk of being a mom is clearly the glamorous accessories. Also, when was the last time Adelaide saw me wear high heels? Two years ago? 




Lincoln is packing clothes into his backpack at 8:45 pm, over an hour past his bedtime. 

Ben: Why do you need clothes?

Lincoln: Because we have the construction workers building a new house for you and me and Adelaide. Mom and the baby will stay at this house and we will move to the new house. 

Ben: Why won’t they come with us?

Lincoln: Because I don’t like it when the baby cries. 

Me, after hearing about this plan: But Lincoln, I would be so sad not to live in the same house as you.

Lincoln: Don’t worry, mom, it will be right next door. All you’ll have to do is walk across the bridge. And this way we can scream whenever we want (presumably without waking up the baby).

I guess we know how Lincoln really feels about having a new baby brother.  


While I was in London I got this conversation as a text from Ben:

Ben: Is there anything in particular you want to learn about?

Lincoln: Truly, I just want to learn to not make messes and how to not get hurt


Discussing his favorite topic, his upcoming birthday:

Lincoln: Do you know what planet I want to go to for my birthday?

We have some work to do in the finance department. 


I got back from a long weekend girl’s trip and on Monday Adelaide is less than thrilled at having to clean up her quiet time:

Adelaide (through tears): Where is Daddy anyway?

Mom: Does Daddy not make you clean up your toys?

Adelaide: No, not ever!

The real reason Ben is the favorite parent. 


Out of nowhere, while I’m giving Westley a bath: 

Adelaide: When I grow up will I be a grandma? Oh, I mean when I grow up will I be a mom? Because I don’t like old womens. Grandmas are old womens and I don’t even want to be an old women. 


While saying his prayer over the food at dinner.

Lincoln: And thank you that Daddy is safe on his vacation.

Me: Did Daddy go on vacation?

Lincoln: No silly, he went to work and that is his vacation. 


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