from the mouth of babes 2

My very favorite series on the blog (can it be a series now that there are two installments?). First “from the mouth of babes” post here. 


While Ben was getting ready for class one morning: 

Lincoln: I wish that I had two dads; one to go to school and one to stay home and play with me.


Me, too, bud. Me too. 


While trying to feel the baby move in my belly:

Lincoln: How many weeks are you pregnant?

Me: Um…. 27?

Lincoln: Twenty-seven!

two seconds later

Lincoln: Now how many weeks are you?


Sitting in church, waiting for the sacrament, while I tried to keep the kids still by whispering the story of Christ’s last week of life

Lincoln: Life is full of little disappointments.


When saying his evening prayers with me

Lincoln: Please bless me to get older faster. And bless Adelaide to get older faster.


When talking at the dinner table

Lincoln: I don’t want to be an adult. I want to stay a kid forever.


When getting ready to head out the door in the morning after I changed Adelaide’s diaper: 

Lincoln: You know what we could make, Mom, that you would like? We could program a robot to make diapers for us.

Me; What I would really like is for you to program a robot to change diapers for me.

Lincoln: But where would we get the parts for that?


When explaining to Lincoln why he needs to keep all four chair legs on the floor during dinner and how he might fall backward and bang his head

Lincoln: You must have banged your head too many times.

Me: Why is that?

Lincoln: Because you don’t know all things.


Talking about remembering things at dinner:

Lincoln: When something is important I tell my mind to remember it so I can tell you.


When seeing a picture of baby brother for the first time: 

Lincoln: I do not like how he looks so much but I like him SO much!

Adelaide: Is that my very own baby brother?


When meeting baby brother for the first time: 

Lincoln: I think we should call him “softy” because his hair is so soft.

then, reaching up, touching his own hair,

Lincoln: But my hair is kind of so soft, too.

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outfit details:

Adelaide’s dress: Ingrid & Isabel (available in a maternity dress, too!)

Adelaide’s shoes: Pediped (we’ve had these for a year and a half in various sizes + colors and the quality and comfort is GREAT)

Lincoln’s shirt: Brooks Brother’s via ThredUP (boys clothes up to 90% off!)

Lincoln’s shorts: Jojo Maman Bebe (on sale!)

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