First Snow!


It’s official! Boston has had it’s first snow of the season.

Ben and I walked home through it (him “bahumbuging” and me heel clicking and sliding all over the side walk) from a friendsgiving on Thursday night while the kids slept soundly in their bed. And then at some point in the evening Lincoln needed to go to the bathroom and wandered into our room. The commotion woke up Adelaide, too (this never happens – maybe it had something to do with me putting them to bed at 6:20 so we could go to friendsgiving while our friend watched them). And with both of them up, we decided to let them see the snow.

I wish I could have bottled up Adelaide’s face as she stared at the first snow she can remember (I assume). Her eyes grew wide and her lips parted in a big grin. “Snow! It’s snowing! I want to go play in it!” she exclaimed, even in her sleepy state. They were both entranced by the snowflakes and only content to go back to bed when we promised they could go outside in it the next day.

Well, the next morning most of the snow had melted and the falling precipitation had turned to rain. We had the laziest of mornings inside, not even changing out of our pajamas till well into the afternoon.

I slipped out for lunch with friends and when I came home, large flakes had started to fall. I rushed upstairs to get the kids into boots and coats to see them. And by the time we got back downstairs (only 8 minutes later!) the snow had stopped entirely. They were a bit sad they couldn’t catch snowflakes but we found a few piles of leftover snow from the night before behind our building and they were content to play in it.

A few memories:

  • Lincoln dumped snow on Adelaide’s head and she giggled
  • Lincoln threw a snowball at a passing couple and hit her right in the leg. Luckily they laughed and I had to try to explain to Lincoln why we can’t throw snowballs at strangers (“but they liked it! they laughed!”).
  • “Can we play in the snow all the time, Mom?”

And some more pictures:

(please note their mismatched gloves + mittens :P)

And I linked their snow gear at the bottom of the post!

On Lincoln: 

coat – LOVE This one from L.L. Bean we bought last year because it’s thin enough he doesn’t have to take it off in his carseat but it keeps him warm in 30 degree temps.

fox sweatshirt

hunter boots – last year we got them Sperry snowboots which I loved and I’m still planning on ordering Lincoln another pair for regular wear in the winter because they have better grip for day-to-day walking + playing. These rain boots work super well, though, with thick socks, for playing in the snow!

On Adelaide: 

pom pom hat – snagged on sale last month

jacket: cute and warm for a dress coat but I still need to order her a proper winter coat

hunter boots (Lincoln’s hand-me-downs and still in near-perfect condition).

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