First Father’s Day

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Friday again? Please and thank you. Last weekend during our marathon ‘celebrate my husband’ with back to back first Father’s Day and birthday, I put together a few things for us to snack on that would be perfect for 4th of July entertaining. It is always fun to have little things to celebrate with my two favorite people although, I’m looking forward to the days when Lincoln actually remembers any of it 😉 And after this week, there will be posts on things other than celebrating Ben, promise.

The biggest hit of the weekend was this simple strawberry lemonade. Ben has a thing for strawberry lemonade and while I like it, I’m not a fan of fresh strawberries so putting it together was a labor of love. I just picked up a bottle of organic lemonade at Target along with some fresh fruit, cut up the strawberries and some lemons (but those were mostly for show), and let it all sit for an hour so the flavor really stuck. I’m excited to try this with other fruit throughout the summer because it was so easy (maybe blueberries AND strawberries for the fourth of July??).
^I keep a stash of these striped Target straws on hand because they make any drink feel special (we have quite a few colors at this point)
^in all the lemonade making commotion this guy decided it was time to try solids for the first time! And by that I mean Dad let him try some of the lemon (not the lemonade – just the lemon) and his face was priceless.
^More of the weekend snacking – I love using toothpicks for cut-up fruit so I don’t have to have silverware out (and I can just throw them away and not have to wash any more dishes). It also makes it easy to snack on over the course of an afternoon without having to keep track of which fork is yours and always needing to get a new plate.
^fruit salsa, mango lemonade, fruit leather …. I guess it’s pretty obvious we were celebrating the fruit lover in the family 😉 P.S. I’ve been a huge fan of the Target “Simply Balanced” and “Archer Farms” brands for a few years now so I’m not sure why this was my first time picking up their chocolate covered almonds and lemonade (the rest of the stuff we’ve had before). I’m not sure Ben got very many of those almonds this weekend….#whoops  

What’s your #TargetRun ?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Delicious and refreshing. Target carries Edwards key lime or chocolate pie. Out of all pies I have tried, Edwards brand is the best. The key lime one is out of this world.

  2. This lemonade looks incredible! I'm glad you guys got to have a fun Father's Day and Birthday week! You're all such cuties! I love your red dress too!

  3. fun! all those colors are so beautiful and are making me hungry. haha!

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