Adelaide at 1

I can’t believe our little baby is one (if you couldn’t tell by that fun little first birthday shirt in the pictures).

Adelaide is our vibrant little baby. She dances when she hears music and claps whenever anyone says “yay!” She loves people, as long as Mom is holding her.

She turned one on the same day her dad turned 29 while we were in California last month

She would always rather be crawling (or trying to walk) than sitting in a stroller.

She puts herself to sleep so well when it’s pitch black (which is great when we’re home…and not so great when we’re not). I’m writing this with a beautiful view of a rainy lake, and the noise of Adelaide whining in her pack ‘n play.

The thing that makes Adelaide laugh the hardest is her brother giggling at her.

She signs “more” (the one sign I’ve taught her) and responds to words with gestures (ie: puts her hands up when I ask “Adelaide would you like to get out of your high chair now?”).

If you try to give her kisses, she presents her forehead to be kissed instead of her mouth šŸ˜›

She says “mamamama” and I’m convinced she’s referring to me. She also makes a handful of other consonant sounds.

She loves to eat everything other than eggs. She’s always refused eggs.

She waves + claps + dances + steps + sits down (most of the time) on command.

She loves dance parties almost as much as her brother.

And I think we’ll keep her. šŸ˜‰


P.S. This cutest little birthday shirt is from Homegrown Traditions and it was perfect for celebrating in. Adelaide wears 18 months these days and the 12 month onesie snapped close, but barely and this 2T shirt was a better fit. Plus, maybe it’ll work again for next year?



  1. Happy First Birthday, Adelaide. Time does fly. My little one, also an Adelaide, will be 1 in less then 3 months. Looks like you guys are having a fun summer.

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