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Findlay Favorites: Wilsons + Fall Gingham

All the in-n-out pictures on instagram have had me craving a good burger and fries lately. You know the ones – they make all of us not on the west coast wish for a moment that we were there (until I remember the gorgeous fall foliage and how I kinda like my four seasons).

Anyway, Wilson’s is an old Findlay establishment and the idea of it being local, cheaper than 5 Guys, and having malts (the big problem with 5 Guys is they don’t have shakes – no good burger joint is complete without shakes) made it a must for Saturday’s date night.

I talked about it a little in Tuesday’s post, but I am really finding it easier to love where we are when we get out and experience our new area. Its easy to compare it to Cincinnati and miss the people, the restaurants, the climbing gym, the civilization in general….but that doesn’t do anyone any good (especially our friends in Cincinnati because it means they’re stuck with far more frequent weekend guests ;). I’m hoping to share far more frequent local spots like this – and the resulting baby bumps – in the next few months as we fall in love with this new place. After all, we’re blessed to be here, so we might as well enjoy it 🙂 
^Everything was good but my favorite were the fries dipped in the malt (still didn’t completely satisfy my desire for an in ‘n out burger animal style…)
^we sat at the counter on these old stools and people watched along main street 
^They have the original menu prices on the wall … its hard for me to imagine being able to buy anything for five cents… 
^the baby bump expands as the day goes on
^After dinner we headed down to a park along the river just to walk around for a bit (the water’s gross, but the park is pretty)

outfit details:
gingham shirt: Gap
skirt: Nordstrom Rack (many years ago)
belt: c/o Lands End
shoes: c/o Lulus
bag: Kate Spade
bow: Forever21

My gingham shirt from last fall at GAP has been a staple in my closet for the past year. Its probably the reason I’ve been gravitating toward more plaid/gingham pieces online recently — a few of my favorites:
(really loving the idea of the first one with black leggings & boots for this baby bump)


  1. I am a sucker for a good burger joint. That place looks amazing! I love the old style! Cute little bump!

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