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Findlay City Market Adventures

We’ve finally started making it a point to get out and explore Findlay. Its much easier to like the place you live when you discover what it has to offer, wouldn’t you agree?

Saturday morning after a bit of golf for Ben and some sleeping in for me, we headed to Findlay’s weekend market. While there’s a big farmers’ market during the week, this Saturday market has a few produce vendors along with some local craftsmen and I loved browsing all the local talent.

Things I noticed:
1. There are far more colors of tomatoes than I thought. If I hadn’t diced tomatoes for 30 minutes last week for this bruschetta recipe, I would have bought some.
2. Everyone was so friendly! We chatted for a bit with a local photography professor who was selling soaps, candles, and facewashes (pictures below) and a jack of all trades who was selling local honey, but everywhere we stopped people wanted to chat. They were always so happy to hear we had just moved to Findlay and assured us it is a great place to be:)
3. I feel slightly guilty walking by a stand and not stopping to look, but sometimes even more guilty if I look and don’t buy anything. It feels as if it will be a personal insult to their craft (whether that be pottery or gardening) if I browse their goods and don’t like them enough to take home. It sounds silly even as I write it.

but, despite feeling a bit guilty, we didn’t spend more than $10Ā 

^these soy candles were on sale and after smelling all of them, we settled on peach to bring home (these small candles have a life of 40 hours!)
^we had fun watching this guy make tiny pots for a bit, and admired the beauty of his finished pieces

^that corked jug to the right was my favorite!Ā 
^we also picked up some local honey (helps with allergies and tastes delicious!)
^and we may have been gifted a peacock feather with our honey purchase šŸ™‚Ā 
^the rainbow of heirloom tomatoes
^in addition to a couple of leaves of kale, we also bought a few ears of this corn to have for dinner and it was the best corn I’ve ever tasted
^”Portrait of my Love, August 2014″ Ā  (sometimes testing the lighting leads to my favorite shots — and that wind blowing his hair šŸ˜› )
^This dress was a bit big when it arrived a few months back and hasn’t gotten much use. I pulled it out this weekend and was grateful for the extra room to accomodate this growing belly. At the doctor this morning I was up 10 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight (7 pounds up from my weigh-in at my first appointment when I was 9.5 weeks).Ā 
^the baby bump shots didn’t work out so well
^side note: the bump doubles or triples as the day goes on (this was taken before lunch when its at its smallest)
^one of these days people tell me I wont be able to see my feet šŸ™‚

outfit details:

hat: J.Crew
dress: c/o Pursunmall (loving this simple gray dress for fall)
belt: Banana Republic
shoes: c/o Aeropostale


  1. cute shoes! and love love love the freshness of the food.


  2. Where is Ben's striped t-shirt from? I'd love to get it for my boyfriend!

    ps- congrats on your pregnancy!!

  3. I commented on your Instagram about a month ago about starting classes at The University of Findlay. Today was my first day and it is such a cute little place. Enjoy it!!!!


  4. That outfit is too cute on you. I so wish I could pull off hats. And I can't believe we didn't run into each other at the market! It's not exactly a big place, haha šŸ™‚

  5. Beautiful! Love the shots you took at the market as well as your outfit! You look adorable with your belly =)


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