Finding Joy: my weekend inspiration

I’m feeling a connection with home this weekend. Can you tell which of these are from my yard in NH and which are from Provo, UT? Well, except for the dead giveaway of me being in the Provo ones. Getting snowed in at home is one of my very favorites: Often we’d lose power. We’d cook on a gas stove and eat by candlelight. We’d talk into the night and cuddle for warmth. Our little bit of snow in Utah this weekend might not be much compared to Nemo, but I love it.  There is nothing more peaceful or more beautiful than a world washed clean in a layer of fresh snow.

I hope you are all safe and warm this weekend- and that wherever you are, you take a moment to be inspired by the beauty of nature.

On another note, if you’re up for a perspective changing story, read this (and watch the video). I’ve never met the mom, but she was three weeks away. She was so excited to start what she understood to be the most important role in her life. Somewhere in my tears I saw an incredible light. Right now, her faith is my goal – to be able to go through something that painful, that testing, and be able to find joy in it. That, to me, is more inspiring than all the beauty in this winter wonderland.

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  1. Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL. I grew up in the countryside and I always miss home after awhile. The city's great, but there's something magic about being in the middle of nowhere with coal fires and forests.

  2. Nothing quite like black and white pictures to capture how beautiful the snow is! Thanks for sharing some weekend inspiration with that link too.

  3. Could you be any prettier!? It looks like a winter wonderland there, I'm kinda jealous! Loving your looks lady! 🙂

    xoxo Jamie

  4. Love the photos my two favorite is photo number 2 & the house photo. Both are too dang cute :)Hope you are staying warm!

  5. Snow! How I wish I could play in some snow. It's too warm here!

  6. That first photograph is absolutely beautiful girl! And snow pictures are always so serene! Love all of these!
    xo TJ

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