Finally! Fall!

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I’m excited to be partnering with one of our favorite baby brands, J.J. Cole, for today’s post.

We had a taste of fall weather this week and I was reminded once I stepped out the door why this is my favorite season (I know, I know, me and the rest of the world). It also helped that we finally got a double stroller and figured out a way that Adelaide doesn’t hate walks! Baby girl loves being upright so we pulled out our JJ Cole Cable Knit Bundleme (so much easier than putting a few more layers on baby that hates getting dressed) and let Lincoln say hi to every dog in the neighborhood.

Speaking of dressing baby girls though, I am so excited for Adelaide to start wearing things other than pajamas (when she naps every hour and a half I just don’t have the incentive to get her dressed right now). For now though, I’m swapping the cute little sweaters for this cable knit cover that is the cutest accessory for our stroller and carseat.

Sometimes I feel like I need to choose between things that are stylish and things that are practical, especially when it comes to baby items. Finding something that feels like I’m dressing my baby girl in an on trend sweater but also keeps her snuggled while fitting smoothly over all the carseat buckles has been a huge win. We’ve been using J.J. Cole products for a long time now and I love how their brand always offers stylish options for the high quality and functional pieces I’m looking for.

Plus, I’m pretty certain I remember seeing chunky cable knit hats at fashion week this spring, and Adelaide rocks it better than any of the models 😉

P.S. Don’t mind the toddler riding along in the carseat – when he wasn’t insisting on pushing the stroller, he wanted to be testing out Adelaide’s seat.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of JJ Cole.


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