Final Months

I continue to be amazed by this growing little boy. You would think I would have gotten over it by now, but I haven’t.

He loves the outdoors more than cheerios or veggie sticks (which is saying something). His ability to communicate what he wants astounds me (and I totally get why all parents think their child is a genius – the progress they make from one day to the next is astonishing). It is crazy to think we only have a few more months with just Lincoln around.

Here are just a few pictures from a deceptively chilly but sunny afternoon. Bring on the spring weather!

^Taking a brief break from swinging to watch the train. 
^We’re breaking in our new baby carrier in hopes that Lincoln likes it enough to spend a good couple hours a day in it when we travel next month. He did fine on Ben’s back for awhile but definitely preferred to be up front where he wasn’t missing anything.

^We ditched the shoes so Lincoln had an easier time climbing up the slide – if there is something to climb, he’s on it. 
^stealing Lincoln’s veggie sticks, always.

^We finally went ahead and picked out some first real shoes for Lincoln and I love that these ones are designed for his beginning stage of walking (plus, they’re adorable). Lincoln brings me a pair of shoes each morning, begging for them to be put on.

Happy Wednesday!

outfit details: 
Lincoln’s hoodie, c/o (it’s reversible!)
Lincoln’s shoes, c/o (we spent a long time looking for first shoes for Lincoln and I LOVE this brand)
Lincoln’s pants: a gift from friends overseas

my shoes (thanks for your feedback on insta! these ones are keepers)
my vest, c/o (only available in an XS now)
chambray: old Madewell
maternity denim (the most comfortable pants/leggings/jeans yet)
maternity crewneck (I just bought this in three colors – my favorite long sleeved maternity tee)


  1. You look amazing! It won't be long until you're a family of 4 <3333

    Edye //

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