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Family Date Project vol. 1: Babies on the Beach

Location: Capitola, CA

Length of Time: 3.5 hours

Price: $20 ($2 parking, $12 pizza, $6 ice cream)

Part of my goal for 2017 is to be more present and engaged with my little family. It means I want more distance from my cell phone at home, but it also means packing up the kids and exploring each week. And so, I’m excited to document our 50 family dates on ElisabethMcknight this year. Sometimes they’ll be big elaborate ordeals, but I’m guessing often it will be grabbing ice cream across the street or heading to the library altogether on a Saturday afternoon.

Here’s a few too many pictures + some memories from our first, a few hours at the beach in California while visiting Ben’s parents for the holidays. My favorite is that you can still, days later, ask Lincoln about our trip to the beach. He’ll tell you he “slipped!” in the “water!” And that “dada!” held him after that in the “water!” And that the water was “cold!” He’ll also tell you about throwing sand and eating pizza on the beach. It’s the most he’s ever said about one single event so I’ll chalk it up to a pretty good day. Even if the winding roads out to the coast make me a little carsick.

With all the Christmas preparation I didn’t have beaches on my mind and forgot to pack a single swimsuit (Ben did his own packing and came prepared). Lincoln sported some pajama shorts, Adelaide stayed covered up in long sleeves, and I got as close to sun as I could in ripped jeans and the one workout top I packed. Next time I’ll remember not to rule out 70 degree beach days just because we’re traveling in the middle of winter.

^These sunglasses stayed on her face for a total of 20 seconds. But they sure did look cute.

^Lincoln had better luck with his and wore them for about half the time at the beach

^I’ll move in tomorrow – just look at those windows! 

^We came to this very same beach a few years ago and I’m pretty sure I have this almost exact picture somewhere

^obsessed with the water, and still extremely cautious 

^After he slipped in he insisted on Ben holding him but still walking into the water 

^loved having matching sunglasses with dad

^practicing my handlettering in the sand šŸ™‚ 

^dreamy boys, dreamy background  ^and it’s a bit blurry but his face here is too good not to share
^behind the beach are the cutest colored houses (and note Ben is the only one with appropriate beach attire)

^He LOVED the sand. For my little boy who insists on throwing away every piece of lint he finds around our house, I was surprised at how much he adored playing in the sand, but he did.

^He kept throwing it up and pouring it all over himself (we washed sand out of his hair for days). 

^And then he took to jumping in it. 

^and this, in the middle of winter! 

^I remember walking up these stairs 33 weeks pregnant. It was much easier this time around. 

^We sent Ben to get pizza from Pizza My Heart to eat right on the beach and we ventured down to the village for ice cream later on. Fun story: Before Ben and I were even dating we took a road trip out to his parents with some friends for a long weekend in college. We had pesto pizza from Pizza My Heart after a morning on the beach/boardwalk and I’ve had the same pizza every time I’ve been back. 
^I think he was throwing sand?
^I sure do love these two. And being their mom.


So tell me, do you have any favorite family dates? Or ideas for our next outing?

Here’s to a year of dating each other!


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