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Family Date Project: Dancing on the Sidewalk

Location: Fallen Timbers Outdoor Mall

Length of Time: 20 minutes

Price: Free (and then $17.25 for chick-fil-a)

In this effort to get out of the house together as a family more often, I’m learning more and more that what we do is less important and it’s all about the attitude that I bring to the outing.

Earlier this week I had to pick up a pair of contact trial lenses at the eye doctor which is an hour drive to a lovely outdoor shopping center. Ben needed his new glasses adjusted as well so instead of sneaking out during nap time, we loaded everyone up on Thursday morning and made the trip. After a few moments in Lenscrafters we decided to spend a few minutes strolling the sidewalks. The shopping center was almost deserted at 10 am on a weekday and music was playing over the outdoor speakers. We danced in the plaza, jumped off of ledges, and pointed out pictures in store windows.

And really, it was just running an errand with a twenty minute walk at the end but I think Lincoln had more fun balancing on the ledge and being chased around the trees than anything else I could have planned.

The only thing that could convince him to walk back to the car was the promise of the slide at chick-fil-a after lunch.

So after this week I’m feeling encouraged, encouraged that my efforts at family outings don’t need to be grand and elaborate. It is far more important for me to bring my silly dance moves and tickling fingers than it is to bring a detailed plan to somewhere with a costly admissions ticket.

The way we do things, in this instance, seems to be more important than what we actually do.

^I can’t remember what Lincoln was pointing at, but I just like the small smile Ben has as he’s looking down at Linc here. 

^Ledge walking (second choice to playing in the mulch but I had to put my foot down on that one).  ^Adelaide would prefer to be standing over anything else. She has no interest in crawling (she scoots backward but won’t even try to go forward), but wants to be just like her brother and walk places.
^”Mom, get this baby off my shoulders”

^I love her

^the “yellataxi” photobombing our family pictures – but gotta love a kid that packs his own car entertainment at age 2

^showing off his dance moves 


outfit details//

shirt: This grey top is worth talking about for a second. I bought it about a month ago and have worn it once or twice a week since. I’ve worn it to sleep, to meet friends, and to the gym. I’m currently trying to decide to also get the black, wine, or striped version, too because when I find something I love I like to buy it in a few colors. It’s super soft, thin but not sheer, and I love the half sleeves because they’re more flattering than a cap sleeve and just a little more interesting. Plus, I’m a huge fan of the way it hangs. Its 40% off right now with code TGIF and comes in a couple different colors and A LOT of neutrals.

(I also got this one in heather which fits a little differently but is super soft).

sweater: Madewell last fall but they have a few colors on sale of the same style 

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