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Fall Hits New England

This post is part of a social shoppers campaign with collective bias, but all opinions are, as usual, completely my own.


Remember how I got a new phone a few months ago? Well while frying scones (this recipe) I dropped it in some oil. Amazingly, the room temperature oil had little effect on the phone, but I watched over the course of the next few weeks as it seeped across the screen making it nearly impossible to see in daylight. This puts me at cracking one iphone and destroying another smartphone in less than a year. It was time to put myself in timeout – no more expensive smart phones for this girl. With the holidays coming up (and the last of our student loan to pay off) we’re looking to save as much as possible on everything, including phones and cheap wireless plans. You know, so we can spend it all on christmas presents and black friday deals.

You can imagine I was a happy girl when I realized I could get a smart 
phone that lets me use instagram, netflix, and snapchat for less than $80. 

I’ve been using Walmart’s family mobile for a few months now and I love the service. No dropped calls, reliable data, that sort of thing. A big selling point for me is no contracts. I pay month to month and am free to change packages, switch providers, add a new line, or in my case, switch to a new phone, whenever I want. Even better than that though, is the low data charge. Truly unlimited data for $40 a month (infinitely cheaper than other carriers..). Being so far away from friends and family, and being so into social media, I love not worrying about going over on my data usage each month. I can spend as much time on instagram, downloading pictures, or snapchatting with the sisters as I please.

Speaking of, all these beautiful pictures are from what I’m missing out in New Hampshire right now (and I got all of them on my phone from my tech savvy family). While its hard to be away from them in the fall, I am SO excited for Christmas back in New England. The holidays at home are the very best (my mom turns our house into a winter wonderland complete with 7 decorated trees).

If you can’t wait until Christmas or black friday to spend your phone savings… here are a few things I’m eying (clearly I’m into jewel tones and polka dots):

Enjoy the rest of the pictures from my photographer of a Grandpa

^^My wonderful grandmother on my grandparents VT leaf peeping trip last weekend

^^how beautiful is this covered bridge?


^^why I love New England




best mobile service #familymobilesaves #cbias
^^they text me to let me know they’re making cookies without me – and that they’re making 55 jars of apple sauce (FIFTY FIVE!)



  1. These are beautiful pictures! It kind of makes me a little more excited to be in PA this fall instead of Cincy.

  2. Wow thats beautiful!

    K, so I totally thought I was following you since like the summer!, Now I totally am:)!

  3. Ooo those are some gorgeous photos. Does the phone you got take such quality shots, or were all these from other devices?

  4. So pretty. I miss the leaves changing. Montana's forests are mostly evergreen. Just a bit of larch and cottonwood to add a touch of yellow but nothing like what happens back East.

  5. How beautiful! I can't wait for more of the colors to show up here in the south. And I love my Walmart Family Mobile plan too! Started in May and love the service!

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