Fall Color Palette + a little motivation

Cream + Tan + Maroon + Leopard
It was a small victory when I slipped into the final pair of pre-pregnancy pants two weeks ago (the pair of pants that wouldn’t go up past my thighs when I tried them on 8 weeks post partum). That combined with the dip in temperatures has me so excited about fall fashion, cozy layers, and crisp autumn days. 
Also, totally off topic (although significantly more important than clothes), I’ve been listening to the audiobook The Happiness of Pursuit on our walks recently and its had me thinking about what it takes to be happy. Sometimes I find myself just wishing I could do what I want. Usually it involves little time out of bed, zero cooking, and even less cleaning (which has actually been the story of my last 10 days since surgery). The funny thing is, I am SO much happier when I get out of bed quickly, prepare healthy + delicious food, and spend my time in a relatively clean space. So the problem of giving up what I want in the moment, for what I know will actually make me happy. It reminds me of a favorite quote I shared with some friends last week:

Don’t give up what you want most, for what you want now.

And so this week I’m committing to:

  1. Getting dressed before breakfast. 
  2. Not napping when Lincoln does. 
  3. Cooking dinner every night. 

They’re not very lofty goals, but I find I’m the biggest hindrance to my own happiness these days. Also, there’s a lot to get done before we head out on some fun trips next week and I’ve had enough time in bed the last 10 days to last me a month.

Happy Monday!
P.S. that audiobook is fine but I probably won’t finish it and am not apt to recommend it. 
shirt: Lucky Brand (old)
pants: Vince (these camel skinnies are a favorite of mine for fall – they’re from a few seasons ago but I found these similar ones for under $50) 
maroon hat: similar 
necklace: Hey June Shop, c/o  (it’s Lincoln’s birthstone… and January was the first month Ben and I kissed šŸ˜‰ 
watch: Daniel Wellington, c/o




  1. Great quote though and is a good reminder for me as I struggle through pumping. I really want the chance to try and breastfeed my daughter, but we're at least 5-7 weeks away & it just seems SO FAR. Especially when my alarm goes off around 2am. But I do want it more than I want my sleep in the moment, so I guess I'll keep going šŸ™‚

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