Even If: A Gratitude List

A gratitude list for right now:

  • a big, healthy, growing baby (even if big means the doctor is anticipating a tough labor…and even if it means I’m finding I can do less and less) 
  • a home (even if, and maybe especially after, it required lots of scrimping and saving and headaches) 
  • a hardworking and kind husband (even when he comes home smelling like pet food – the joys of working in a plant)
  • family (even when they are scattered across the world and I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like) 
  • foot massages (even when they don’t last as long as I’d like them to..which is basically forever)
  • a God (even when I think I’m too tired to talk to Him at night – He has been such an incredible source of comfort and peace these past few months)
  • a future (even when it isn’t all certain, knowing who I’ll share it with brings excitement and quite a bit of joy)
  • a hobby that turned into a job (even when it requires working on ‘vacation’) 
I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving and take some time to realize how blessed you are. I know that when I’m focused on what I have instead of what I don’t, my circumstances might not change but I am quite a bit more content. 2014 brought its share of struggles and surprises to our little family, but it has also been filled with more than our fair share of blessings and tender mercies. Things tend to work out very differently than I think they will, but always much better (in the long run) than I planned. 
And now for sleep, food, and probably another trip to the beach (when in California)

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  1. You're so lovely dear!
    I hope the best for youuuu
    Anyway, happy thanksgiving !

    Come to my blog if you have time^^


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