End of Summer with Outshine

This post has been created in partnership with Outshine Fruit Bars, but all opinions are my own, just like always 🙂 

So fall tricked us, dropping in for a few days last week and then quickly disappearing and taking all of the cooler temperatures with it. But, it is hard to be upset about anything when Ben’s off work for a few weeks and we’re busy soaking up every last minute of paternity leave. Yesterday we packed up the babies and our favorite summer snacks (are they summer snacks when you eat them all year round?) for an afternoon at the park. Adelaide slept in the stroller most of the time and Ben and I got to chase Lincoln around the playground making sure he didn’t try walking down any of the slides, again.

If you follow along on snapchat, you know I’ve been having one of these frozen coconut bars once or twice almost every day for about…. seven months. While I was pregnant they were one of the only snacks that sounded good and I haven’t quit them yet.


Tip: Eat them along with pretzel crisps – the salty/sweet crunchy/smooth combo is as good as it gets.

^These are my all time favorite – I still remember my very first bar, snuck from my friend’s freezer in middle school before her mom got home – she was probably less than thrilled when she went to eat one later that night and there were none left 😛 I just get them at our local grocery store (and sometimes I’ll get the strawberry or mango for Ben but I can’t bring myself to eat anything other than coconut #addict) but you can find out who carries them close to you here.

^Sometimes Lincoln wants Mom, but most of the time if you give him any amount of space, he’ll wander off as far as he possibly can. Sometimes I wonder if he’d ever come back if we didn’t chase after him. 
^I picked out this little onesie for a friend’s baby but she’d outgrown it before I got around to mailing it. So, you could say it is the first item of baby clothing I ever bought for Adelaide 🙂

And here’s a little video from the afternoon. I want to remember Lincoln’s concentration when he walks up stairs, the way he always runs away, and how the only way I can get him to sit on my lap these days is to offer him a snack 😛

You can follow Outshine on instagram here. But really, thank YOU for stopping by and reading today. I love getting to work with brands and products that I’ve loved for years and it’s because you keep coming back. You’re the best 🙂

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