Easy Holiday Appetizer + A Favorite Wedding Gift

I’m just dropping in tonight with a super easy holiday appetizer idea as part of a sponsored collaboration through collective bias.
seapak spring rolls #shop -0131

How many Christmas parties have you been to already? I love how the season brings everyone together, whether it be for a work party, a school concert, or a church dinner. Sometimes though, it gets to be a little much, especially when you need to bring something to every event. Today I have a super easy holiday appetizer for you because there have been a few times that I’ve been asked to bring appetizers to something this month and I just didn’t feel up to it. Between the shopping, the wrapping, the decorating, the planning, and the rest of life in December, its a struggle to find a recipe, shop for the recipe, bake the recipe, and have it looking good enough for an event. Enter: frozen appetizers.

I’ve added these spring rolls from Seapak to my appetizer arsenal this season which means they’re also being added to the regular “I don’t feel like cooking tonight so lets open the freezer” rotation. I love to cook, but I recognize I can’t do everything, which makes these perfect for the upteenth holiday party you’re attending, or maybe the one you’re hosting (give them something yummy and easy to munch on when they come through the door so you can focus on the main meal). They’ve been recognized on the Today Show so it means they’re ligit, right?

I picked up this pack of SeaPak’s shrimp spring rolls from Walmart and opted for the five minutes of stovetop frying (although you could bake them and it would be less involved). The frozen package comes with one sauce option but I served the rolls with three different dipping sauces. The addition of sauces is a super simple way to dress up these holiday appetizers (and I found the little white dish for less than $5). If I don’t have time to make an appetizer, I certainly don’t have time to make dipping sauces so I don’t have recipes to share but you can find a lot of options online. Pick two sauces to serve with your spring rolls and then add a dish of soy sauce. I used sweet and sour and a peanut dipping sauce (and both are delicious).

**serving tip: feel free to serve these up on a wooden cutting board instead of a traditional plate (that way you don’t have to worry about your sauce dishes matching the plate)

seapak spring rolls #shop -0147^^One of my bridesmaids flew all the way from Tokyo for our wedding and as a gift gave us personalized ohashi (chopsticks). This gift is such a wonderful reminder of her and the beautiful country I grew up in. I can’t wait to take Ben back somedayseapak spring rolls #shop -0142seapak spring rolls #shop -0134seapak spring rolls #shop -0133seapak spring rolls #shop -0132

 seapak spring rolls #shop -0155
seapak spring rolls #shop -0125

seapak spring rolls #shop -0127

What other ideas do you have for easy holiday appetizers? What do you do when you totally space you’ve been asked to bring something? I’m always up for finding more easy solutions 🙂


  1. justin and i got customized chopsticks too!! but our names were written in English, haha only half as cool! kawaii sugiru~!

  2. What a beautiful and delicious setup you have there. I love it! I love how you can see the shrimp inside the spring rolls, too. #client

  3. I love those dipping trays! What a great way to entertain this season! #client

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