Easter 2018

This year we spent all of Easter weekend up in New Hampshire at my parents and it was a much better kid to adult ratio than last year’s Easter alone in Ohio.

Is there a more appropriate way to spend the most joyful holiday of the year than surrounded by generations of family? I think not.

Easter weekend coincided with General Conference this year so we spend Sunday at home, listening to inspired messages focused on the Savior from Church leaders. I’ve included lots of pictures but here are a few highlights from the weekend:

  • Lincoln’s face when I told him I thought I saw a bunny hopping away after hiding some baskets. “Let’s GO SEE, MAMA!”
  • Adelaide little run as she toddles up to great-grandpa to give him a hug (also, the way they ALWAYS ask for fruit snacks whenever they’re over at my grandparents).
  • My mom’s Easter brunch spread (even if I did undercook the breakfast cake).
  • Sleeping in my old room (usually I’m in the guest room at home but my brother had covered every inch of it with his stuff this trip so I kept track of the kids via a monitor and slept in my old room).
  • Listening to Lincoln tell the Easter story. My mom went through each part of Jesus’s last week with Lincoln when he was at her house while we were on spring break but Saturday night was the first time I’d gone through the whole thing with him. I was amazed at how much of it he knew. “And then Jesus washed their feet. And then He went to the garden to pray. And then those people took him and put him on a cross and killed him and put him in a tomb and put a BIG stone in the way so no one could take his body. And then he was RESURRECTED and Mary was so happy!”
  • Snuggling with Adelaide during the first conference sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Adelaide woke up earlier than Lincoln both days and just snuggled with me for a solid 5 minutes (which doesn’t ever happen). Listening to messages about joy while holding my owl little joy was so precious for me.
  • Wandering Target, all alone, at 8:30 on Saturday night. I went to pick up a few Easter things for the kids and came home with a bit more than that.
  • Watching Lincoln hunt for eggs. “We hunted for some eggs mama and they had candies in them!”

More pictures: 

^my little brother and Dad tickling each other before pictures  ^the first photographer in my family (92 year old grandpa!) 

^missing my two sisters (one’s in college and one is serving a mission in Korea teaching people about Jesus) ^my grandparents live in an apartment off of my parents house and it is such a treat to see them whenever I come home 

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  1. I love those beautiful woody trees in background and your grandparents are so cute. the family resemblance is so strong. Your adelaide and your mother look so much alike and your brother and dad are spot on . Wonderful family. Happy Easter.

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