Drowning in Brown

To Do: Groom and Groomsmen Apparel 

I love wedding planning – although it seriously could be a part time job. Something on top of my to do list right now is apparel for the wedding attendants. While normally you would think black tuxes paired with red boutineers for a classic combo, Ben is set on a brown tux – and now that I’ve looked at some, I’ve quite taken to the idea. I also like what it allows us to do with the rest of the reception decor. I think red with neutrals and gold has a much richer feel than stark black and red (think twilight vampires). Caleb keeps pestering me about what he’s going to be wearing and I’d love to have outfits picked out so I can really start visualizing what its all going to look like. The only thing is if we do tuxes we won’t have them for the pre-wedding photo shoot we’re doing at the beach the day before …. but that’s okay. The plan is to take the wedding party up to Kennebunkport for the day and give everyone a taste of New England. In the morning we’ll have a photo shoot on the beach (I’ve been in love with the image of my bridesmaids with their feet in the sand and the groomsmen with their pant legs rolled up laughing on the beach since before I can remember), a lobster cookout at my Aunts beach house in the afternoon and then head back for the evening activities! I am so excited for August to be here but I really am loving all of these steps in between!

Coming soon: The Bridal Party, Bridesmaid dresses 

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