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Downtown Loveland // The Candy Shoppe

 Coatmore mustard hereherehere and here// Scarf: street vendor in Paris // Jeans // Bracelet // Boots: thrifted // Bag: Wilson’s Leather (similar here)

So Ben and I have been living here in Cincinnati for six months now! While we have found a few local favorites, there is a lot more exploring that I want to do. Yesterday I had fun in downtown Loveland with my darling friend Morgan (who is leaving me in January – I’m going through the typical “I’m excited for you but not at all happy for me” thing right now). We found the cutest little candy shoppe and ordered hot chocolate. Unfortunately, it was the incredibly rich starbucks-esque kind that I have to throw away once I’ve eaten all the whipped cream off the top, but hey, if you’re into that kind of thing, it tastes like a melted bar of chocolate. The place was filled with countless jars of mouthwatering chocolates and bright and enticing candies. It’ll make the perfect sweet tooth date with Ben one of these days.

P.S. This jacket arrived last week and I’ve fallen in love with the two sets of pockets (you know, in addition to the fact that its mustard 🙂






^^love this girl (check out her photography site here)










  1. Hey! I just saw that you were in Cincinnati! The Loveland title caught my attention 🙂 I am an Ohio blog also!

  2. That place is so darn cute!You got some really great shots!

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