DIY Summer Trail Mix

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Our current recipe for an awesome summer evening? Our own combo of trail mix + a light summer hike (read: leisurely walk most of the time) + visitors.

When my mom and sister were in town last week we stocked up on some favorites (at Target, obviously) and each made our own little container of trail mix. It was perfect because it meant no raisins and plenty of chocolate covered everything. It also meant plenty of baby hands (well, just two) trying to grab at all of it and only being able to eat a few of the things we added. Lincoln is so adamant about grabbing all food these days. He’s pretty aware that if we’re sitting at the table, the grown-ups will be eating—and he wants some. He’s also pretty insistent that if something goes into our mouths, it should probably go into his too. At least he’s consistent. And determined. Right?

A few shots from last week with the fam:

^Case in point (and we brainstormed all the possible ways of getting Maddie not to leave us to head off to school)

^The makings of some delicious trail mix. (My mom’s favorite were the Himalayan dark-
chocolate-covered almonds, but I loved the dried mango best.)
^He is happiest in the air, above our heads
^I set out milk-chocolate-covered cashews, dark-chocolate salted almonds, dark-chocolate-covered coconut, dark-chocolate-covered blueberries, dried mango, dried pineapple, zen party mix, pretzels, cashews, Goldfish crackers, peanut M&Ms, and two types of jerky.

^The basil-citrus turkey jerky was so good. I didn’t try the chili lime but I picked it up for Ben.

^Right before he sneezed 🙂 
^Falling for trail mix 😉
P.S., it was a graceful fall, and he then proceeded to play in the grass on his back, happy as can be.
^”Yay for visitors!”


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  1. My baby is at that same wanting to eat everything phase too! Last week she got pretty offended that I wouldn't let her have any of my Reese's Puffs 😉

  2. My little one and Lincoln are about the same age and I just LOVE how chubby he is!! I can imagine that you just want to squeeze him all day! 🙂 Such a cutie.

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