A Week in Cincinnati // Playing Tourist

The inlaws are gone and the apartment has gone quiet. I believe we managed to pack as much as we possibly could of Cincinnati in during our few days with them. Some were firsts for all of us, and some are becoming old favorites for me. Here’s a glimpse of our past week:

^^Skyline Chili is famous in Cincinnati. They serve a special greek chili, flavored with Cinnamon, over spagetti. And, well, its the last time I’ll have the famous Cincinnati chili (Ben likes it though).








^^my wrap wasn’t bad though

^^If you’re going for a classic Cincy dining experience, you go from Skyline to Graeters, naturally. The icecream is amazing, but I’ve said that on here before.

^I ordered a five year old flavor. And the cotton candy was delicious.

^^While Ben was at work we spent a few hours wandering the art museum, one of my favorite places in town. Its nestled in a park above the city and the collections are phenomenal.

^^They have fresh flowers in the bathrooms, too.

^and sometimes I take mirror pictures.

^^How gorgeous are these fall colors? I love me a museum that allows photography on all their pieces older than 1970.

^^they loved the pottery collection


^this makes me smile


^^Eden park has a great lookout over the city

^Following the art museum headed downtown for my favorite local hole-in-the-wall. If you’re ever in town, you HAVE to try Tom & Chee (although I only guarantee the Grilled Mac & Chee because its too good for me to order anything else).


^^Ben’s mom got the Hummus & Chee

^^When you order the Mac & Chee, get it with bacon and add a creamy tomato dunker. #todiefor



After lunch we wandered a little more of downtown. It is so fun having company and visiting/finding favorite places in this city. Its a good thing we have more coming on Friday šŸ˜‰

A few more Cincy Adventures:
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  1. Graeters and Tom + Chee?! Now that's a delicious day!

  2. I first heard about Tom+Chee on Shark Tank. The last time I was in Cincinnati and Louisville, I wasn't able to go!! But Lexington is getting one soon! I definitely will be going there!

  3. Gosh, there's so muc deliciousness in this post that I don't even know where to start. Cotton candy ice cream? I'll have to try that too one day!

    From these photos it seems Cincinnati is a very green city, which is very lovely! Our cities are just grey and dull, with small parks here and there, but no real greenery šŸ™‚ xo

  4. Yum! The sandwiches look amazing, as does the ice cream. I can't quite get my head around cinnamon in chilli though. :O

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