Day of Love 2013

8:00: Alarm goes off
8:25 Ben reminds me I want to get up.
8:25 I drag myself out of bed, into the shower, and finally into some clothes.
9:04 Arrive at Einsteins Bagels
9:12 Enjoy delicious bagels in festive pink cream cheese.
9:27 Get dropped off at class.
10:49 Receive cute phone call from Ben.
6:10 Get out of class and call Ben.
6:21 Open the door to home. (and not look at the clock again for another 4 hours).

Ben decided to cook for me this year – and what a festive feast we had! I only snapped a few pictures as to not spoil the evening with excessive camera usage. Dinner consisted of heart shaped chicken parm (who knew Ben could cook this?), pink mashed potatoes (how did he know I was craving them all day?), and asparagus with a sparkling pear beverage (dyed pink, obviously).

We enjoyed a quiet evening in free of all distractions (read: electronics). I’d forgotten how wonderful it can be to just spend time together with no phones, social media, or computers. Oh, and check out that three tiered heart cake he came up with (picture taken mid-frosting).

You know, even with the fabulous Valentine’s these past few years, I think this one was my favorite. And not just because I was STARVING come 6:30 and there was a man with a warm meal for me as I walked in the door (it was so good I think I’m turning 100% of cooking duties over to him). Maybe thats the way love goes … when you think it can’t get better, it does.


  1. I like the heart-shaped chicken! I think a no-devices/media day sounds good. I'd like to spend a weekend in a cabin sometime, with nothing but a camera and an emergency cell phone.

  2. aww thats so cute!!! My husband has cooked for me once when I had the flu. It was funny because he rinsed the noodles and I was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING lol.

  3. cute. your day does sound more fun than mine.
    6:30 alarm goes off, push ryan into shower, 6:35 i shower.
    leave for school 7:40–looking decent with done hair (wearing my present from ryan)
    8-9 work; 9-11 class; 11-1 work; run into ryan and he gives me a cookie he made me-1-2:30 class; break with ryan we grab food. 4-7 class. arrive home, eat dinner and make ryan watch girl movie. then go to bed at 10:15 because i wont' do homework.

    lets trade schedules please. oh and i want your dress

  4. I am a new visitor from the GFC blog hop. Grateful to take a peek into your world! Could kick myself for not having known you before. XOXO,


  5. This looks like a really great Valentine date night! Lucky you! And I LOVE that you started this out with the times you checked the clock, super clever!

  6. How cute is this?? I love how he made all of the food valentines themed. Simple, yet adorable.


  7. Oh my gosh, I want that cake!!! It looks delicious. I'm so impressed with Ben šŸ™‚

  8. This is so sweet! A man that can cook is definitely a keeper šŸ™‚ Glad you enjoyed your evening. Heather

  9. Love it! I think these kind of Valentine's Days are the best!

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