Currently: July Edition

The last time I shared a currently post was September and it was kind of fun to go back and see what’s changed (and what hasn’t)

  • Reading: I started”The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” – have you read it? I think Dr. Laura is brilliant. 
  • Reminiscing: I used to have a little baby. I’m not sure where he went but there is now a small child sleeping in his crib. 
  • Watching: I just listened to this keynote address from Alt Summit from Guy Kawasaki, the founder of Canva. If you do anything with social media or apply for jobs, its totally worth a watch. 
  • Using: I started Barre3’s new online workouts two weeks ago. The first month is free and then its only $15 a month for access to all their online classes. I loved the price and the workouts are right up my alley (a mix of barre + yogas + pilates). My favorite is you can select how much tie you have and what part of your body you want to work and it searches through the workouts for you. 
  • Snacking: I experimented with our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe earlier this week and have been snacking on the leftovers ever since. We’re gone through a bit more milk than usual at the moment šŸ˜‰ 
  • Finishing: Lincoln’s nursery (finally) and the gallery wall for our office have been in the works for MONTHS. Its about time something in this home got finished. 
  • Catching Up: I love checking vine to see what Kenzie + Harris have been up to lately… plus the  youtube cover done my gorgeous friend is something else. 
  • Prepping: Right now I’m prepping things for this evening’s consult (one of my favorite things to do!) and trying to get the house ready for visitors this weekend.
  • Wearing: This tee from Carrie Underwood’s new athletic line is my new all-time favorite basic tee. I wish it came in more colors. 
^You can’t tell, but he is grinning so very wide here šŸ™‚ 

^because eating fingers is more fun than taking pictures

^I should add a Listening to and it would be this little guy’s giggles. I have a few of them on video and watch them regularly before we go to sleep šŸ™‚

My friends at Shabby Apple sent over this fun dress for Lincoln’s baby blessing two months ago (and my small victory is that when I put it on Sunday it was a bit too big <insert party emoji>). Lincoln’s outfit is GAP via thredUP. My watch is from Daniel Wellington… and along with my wedding ring and a spare hair tie, it’s the only accessory I wear regularly these days.


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