If I could create my own OREO flavor

I remember the first time I watched “The Parent Trap” and saw one of the twins dip her OREOs in peanut butter on the floor of their cabin in the middle of a storm. I also remember the shock of trying the combo for the first time and realizing how DELICIOUS it is.

In the last month we’ve slept in six beds in four states and traveled over 8000 miles by car and airplane. Basically, I’m ready for a few kid-free days by a pool somewhere tropical with a fruity little drink and some chocolate therapy.

But, we’re knee deep in unpacking + summer fun over here so these OREOS are as close as I’m getting to my tropical dream at the moment.


Right now OREO is running a fun MY OREO Creation contest for new flavor combinations (have you SEEN all the different options they have in-store at Walmart right now? SO many fun flavors! OREO Thins now come in Coconut! ). One night last week we were talking about what combo we’d love to see and these were a few of the ideas we came up with:

a quick google search showed some of these they’ve actually made into flavors already 

  • Graham Cracker S’mores: One Graham Cracker cookie, one OREO cookie, and marshmallow flavored creme filling OR two graham cracker cookies and a vanilla creme filling and chocolate creme filling (so a double stuff OREO’s creme/cookie ratio).
  • Hazelnut crunch: OREO cookies filled with a chocolate hazelnut creme (bonus points if there are actual crushed hazelnuts in it
  • Berry Cheesecake: Vanilla cookies with a swirled berry cheesecake creme filling.

What would you add to the list? 


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