Costa Maya, Mexico

Are you tired of vacation pictures yet? I’m almost done, promise. The last stop on our cruise was Costa Maya, Mexico. It was an overcast, windy day and the coast reminded me of being up on Maine beaches in the early New England summer.


We climbed up this (what I’m sure is fake) pyramid with a few spectators on the ground. They were a little scared for us.


^At a museum we went in they had these little photo ops outside. They were too good not to share šŸ˜›


^After pyramid climbing and museum wandering I did quite a bit of dolphin watching while Ben lay next to me on the beach. They are the most beautiful animals.


^I was the only one on this side of the ‘pool’ and one of the four just kept coming over to hang out with me. He’d stay mostly in the water for awhile, just staring, and then would pop up to say hi šŸ™‚


^He’s a cutie.



Mexico was a shorter port day for us and we spent most of it right on the coast. We did a little exploring of the town and a bit of souvenir shopping (have you ever cooked with Mexican vanilla? I’m excited). My very favorite part though, was just watching the dolphins. Someday I’d love to swim with them, if there is a way to do it without 30 other people in life jackets in a small confined space. I loved watching them jump and play but it made me a little sad as all the swimmers piled into the pool and the dolphins dutifully pulled each in turn across the pool. They are such beautiful animals and it was neat to see them so close to their natural habitat (in terms of proximity, not lifestyle).
All that’s left of our vacation is a little bit from our time in Florida after the cruise and a few pictures from ship life (which I miss the most right around dinner time when I think of the rolls with unsalted butter and a four course menu).
More of our trip //


striped top: J. Crew
tank top: Victoria’s Secret
Swim bottoms: Lucky Brand
shorts: Soffe (from the seventh grade)
glasses: ā„… Firmoo
shoes: ā„… Jelly BeansĀ (which ended up being my most worn shoe on this trip. They have much more support than flip flops and I really loved that I could put my feet in water if needed. Plus, if they got dirty, I just washed them off in the shower on the boat).


  1. Your trip looks amazing. I've always wanted to go to Costa Maya. It looks beautiful even with the wind and clouds.

  2. How could anyone get tired of these great pictures! I love the top one and then the bright pink flowers. Jealousyyyyyy of your trip!

  3. Dolphins are such beautiful creatures! Go to Eilat in Southern Israel – there you can swim with Dolphins who live in freedom and just 'drop by' whenever they want to and it's not too crowded…

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